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This Is The Kind Of Man You Should Date After A Messy, Toxic Relationship


Relationships are supposed to make you happy. They’re supposed to make your life more meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting than it already is. They’re not supposed to bring disappointment, sadness, pain, and remorse into your life.

But, things never go according to plan in life. You never know what kind of people will walk into your life. You never know what kind of person will gain your trust, win your love, and then nonchalantly break your heart into thousands of tiny pieces.

But, there’s something I want you to know: If you have ever been in a messy, tumultuous relationship, then know that it wasn’t wasted energy, emotions, or time. Rather, it was a valuable lesson that you learned the hard way.

If you have ever been in this kind of relationship, then you know how you don’t deserve to be treated. You know what kind of person doesn’t deserve a place in your life.  

You see, being in a messy, toxic relationship is a painful experience, yet it’s also one that teaches you that not every person around you is as honest, good, and loyal as you are. That not every person in your life deserves your attention, respect, trust, and affection. That not every person that swears that they truly love you really means it.

When you finally pluck up the courage to put an end to an unhealthy, troubled relationship and let go of the toxic partner completely, you are left doubting your self-worth. You’re left thinking that begging for someone’s attention and love is all you deserve. You’re left thinking that you’re not good enough to love and be loved.

As you start to move on with your life, you start reconnecting with the people who you may have distanced yourself from or who your toxic ex-partner didn’t want to see around you. You begin feeling like you’re reconnecting not only with your loved ones but with your old self. You start feeling more enthusiastic and livelier.

You even start to date again, yet your relationships are nothing serious. It flatters you and makes you feel good when you change your hairstyle or dress in elegant clothes and some man out there notices that. It’s an amazing feeling when a guy is giving you his attention, complimenting you, trying to flirt with you, and making you feel desirable and sexy.

The attention and compliments you are receiving are helping you rebuild your confidence and become aware of all those things about yourself that you completely forgot about in your last relationship.

Yet, you still don’t feel like you are the old you. You still don’t feel like you are the person you used to be before the manipulative, selfish, toxic man walked into your life. You feel like you’re still carrying burdens from your past on your shoulders.

And all this prevents you from realizing one vital truth – the truth that a guy is going to walk into your life and give you all the attention, respect, and love you deserve. And you won’t even have to ask for them.

This man will accept and love you just the way you are. He’ll know all your insecurities and fears, but he won’t make you feel ashamed of them. He’ll see you at your worst, yet he’ll never make you feel weak. He’ll simply know that your weaknesses and imperfections don’t make the person you are. He’ll know that your flaws don’t reduce your worth and both your outward and inner beauty.

This man will wear his heart on his sleeve. He won’t feel ashamed to tell you, “I love you” every day. He’ll make sure you know how much he loves you and how much you mean to him.

This man will be fiercely loyal to you. He’ll never make you wonder if you’re his only choice or just one of his “options.” He’ll never make you feel like you have to compare yourself with other women.

This man will fight for your happiness. He’ll try to be the reason behind all your smiles and laughs and never the reason behind your sadness.

This man will always be there for you. He won’t neglect your problems, instead, he’ll consider them as if they’re his own. He’ll never leave you to deal with your worries on your own. He’ll stick with you through thick and thin.

This man will make you feel in ways you’ve never felt before. He’ll love you and take care of you in ways no one ever has. He’ll love you genuinely, deeply, intensely. He’ll love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

When this kind of man enters your life, trust me, you’ll know it – you’ll feel it in the depths of your being.

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This Is The Kind Of Man You Should Date After A Messy, Toxic Relationship