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This Is The Kind Of Person You Deserve To Be With – Never Settle For Anything Less Than That


You deserve someone who knows your worth. Someone who knows that you’re more than good enough.

You deserve someone who chooses you every day. Someone who chooses you as a lover and as a best friend as well.

You deserve someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated – with kindness, compassion, affection, and dignity. Someone who makes you feel like the most beautiful, loved, and important person in the world.

You deserve someone who is always there for you when you need them. Someone you know you can always count on for their help and support.

You deserve someone who texts you first thing in the morning to tell you how much they love you. Someone who calls you not only when they feel lonely or want something from you, but when they’re having a busy day, too, just to hear your voice and ask how you are.

You deserve someone who doesn’t mind spending Saturday nights at home with you watching movies on Netflix and eating pizza. Someone who enjoys spending time with you regardless of place because being around you is when they feel the happiest. 

You deserve someone who knows what your likes and dislikes are. Someone who knows what your favorite type of food, music, and movie is.

You deserve someone who doesn’t wait for your birthday or Valentine’s Day to come to take you out to dinner or buy you a nice bouquet of red roses.

You deserve someone who gives you their undivided attention when you talk to them. Someone who is always interested in what you have to say because your words mean to them a lot.

You deserve someone who is kind, patient, and compassionate towards you. Someone who speaks to you with respect and affection, even when they’re tired and angry.

You deserve someone who accepts you for who you are. Someone who doesn’t make you repress your true self. Someone who doesn’t make you feel ashamed of your insecurities, vulnerabilities, and fears.

You deserve someone who lets you be yourself and feel whatever it is that you’re feeling.

You deserve someone who embraces all your imperfections and weaknesses and cherishes you just the way you are. Someone who loves you and everything you come with, including your burden from the past.

You deserve someone who believes in you. Someone who believes in your abilities, your talents, your strength. Someone who encourages you to pursue your goals and dreams, no matter how unrealistic they might seem to everyone else.

You deserve someone who motivates you to do better and be better. Someone who, through their words and actions, inspires you to work on and improve yourself.

You deserve someone who is proud of you. Someone who enjoys talking about you to their friends and family. Someone who feels blessed for having you in their life and who is not hesitant or ashamed to share that with the world.

You deserve someone who includes you in their plans for the future. Someone who enjoys imagining the house you’ll be living in and the places you’re going to visit. Someone who can’t imagine their future without you being a part of it.

You deserve someone who loves you truly, deeply, and passionately. Someone who never makes you question their feelings for you and where you stand in their life. Someone who never makes you beg for their attention and love.

You deserve someone whose soul matches yours. Someone who is aware of both outward and inner beauty you hold.

You deserve someone who will fight for you with every fiber of their being. Someone who won’t give up on you and walk away at the first sign of trouble.

This is the person you deserve to be with. The person who will make you feel the most loved, protected, and respected when you feel the most frightened, ashamed, lost, and unimportant. The person who will love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. The person who will believe that being loved by you is a true privilege and a reason worth living for.

This Is The Kind Of Person You Deserve To Be With - Never Settle For Anything Less Than That