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This Is The Reason Why She Got Attached So Easily


No, she didn’t fall for your deep, green eyes that carry a whole universe inside of them. She didn’t fall for your charisma, nor did she fall for your moves.

She got attached because the minute your eyes locked, she saw something in you. Something out of this world. An intense, transcendental energy that made her instantly realize that you were the one person she looked for her entire life.

She got attached because, for the first time in her life, she found hope. She looked into your eyes and she saw something real. Something that she has been missing. A flicker of faith. A possibility of a future.

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t been long together. It doesn’t matter that you know each other for only a week. The fact that your paths finally crossed made her aware that this is it. The minute your hand touched her cheek, she knew. This was it. That one-lifetime event we all read about in novels. The long-awaited genesis.

And she got attached sooner than she expected. To the idea of you. To the idea of being happily ever after. To the idea of pure, true and everlasting love.

The thing about her is… She never gave up on love. For many years she was struggling with bad relationships, her heart was turned in two, her soul was poisoned, and her light was dimmed by many people who simply didn’t see her worth.

But, despite the hardship, she never gave up. Despite the pain, she still believes in the good in people. She still believes in their potential to be true. She still believes that her happily ever after is somewhere out there waiting for her.

She has faith that someone out there who might not even know who she is is living their ordinary life while they unconsciously take small steps towards her.

And now, she hopes that this could be you.

So, if you like her, don’t be scared of her love. Don’t be intimidated by her straightforwardness and her intense emotions. Don’t be afraid to show her how you really feel. Don’t be afraid to give in. Don’t be confused that she gets attached easily.

This woman craves attention. She wants intimacy. Passion. Real love. Fireworks. Sparks. Commitment. Honesty. She wants to feel all of this and more.

So, she goes all in. Despite all of the risks that are flashing red and all of her fears which remind her that she might get hurt again, she goes all in. She risks breaking her heart, losing her soul and falling even deeper than she was.

But, the only thing that keeps her alive and well is her faith that you two can find love. That she will be loved the way she deserves. That she will give all of her love to someone who recognizes her worth. That she will find someone who will never let her go.

That the someone she keeps believing in is you.