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This Is The Woman She Turned Into After You Broke Her Heart


She loved you from the bottom of her heart.  She gave you her mind and soul. She devoted her life to you. She showed you what genuine love is.

And what did you do?

You abandoned her. You cut her out of your life so nonchalantly. You emotionally destroyed her. You broke her heart.

She always treated you with kindness and compassion. She often neglected her own worries and problems so as to deal with yours. Because you meant the world to her. Because she believed that you were the one she was meant to be with. Because you were her all.

All that she ever wanted from you was to love her and respect her. But, you didn’t give a damn about her, did you?

Instead of loving her selflessly and unconditionally, you chose to play with her feelings. You chose to tear her heart apart. You chose to break her.

Yes, it was easier for you to trample on her pride and heart than to acknowledge her kindness and generosity. Yeah, don’t worry – you successfully managed to shatter her hopes and confidence into countless pieces. Does this make you happy and content with yourself?

The sad thing is that she never did anything to deserve your cruel treatment. She never deserved to put up with your BS. She was the kind of a person that was very easy to love, respect, and admire, but you never realized that or maybe you didn’t want to see it.

Oh, and I know. I know that many will say that she should have been stronger. That she should have stood up for herself and shown dignity. That maybe it was her fault for letting her “awesome” guy take advantage of her and emotionally abuse her. And that if she had shown resilience, courage and had more self-confidence, she wouldn’t have suffered. But, it was not that easy.

She knew deep down that things weren’t right. She knew her relationship was not what she signed up for. The little voice in her head was screaming to her: “Run! Run the fastest that you can and never look back!” But, she couldn’t. She couldn’t let go of him. She fell into his toxic trap and let him have control over her mind. He got under her skin and could do to her heart whatever he wanted.

After you broke her, she changed. She became a completely different person from the one she was before she met you. After you broke her:

She guards her heart.

It was you who broke it into tiny pieces, you remember that, right? You taught her that love can leave deep scars on her body and soul that will never be completely healed. And now she hides her heart within herself. She doesn’t let anyone come near it. She’s afraid that her painful past can repeat itself again.

She doesn’t trust anyone.

She believed you were the loving, kind, unselfish person she fell in love with the first time she met you. But, it turned out that you were nothing else, but the evil itself in disguise. You were a vampire who sucked the happiness out of her. Now, she thinks twice before she lets other people in her life. Now, she doubts everything that others tell her.

She knows how to fake her feelings.

Before she met you, she was the most honest person. She was never afraid to show her emotions openly, no matter if she was happy or sad. But, when you came into her life, you showed her what real suffering looked like and this devasted her hopes and spirit. Because of that, she started feeling ashamed of her own thoughts and feelings. She didn’t want anyone to know how she felt and what she was going through.

Now, she can put on a smile on her face even though she’s crying inside. Now, she laughs even though her whole body aches. She says she’s fine although a lot of things are weighing her down. She behaves carelessly even though she’s carrying a heavy burden on her shoulders. Now, her face is bright although she lives in darkness.

Yeah, it seems too unfair or depressing but this is what she turned into after you broke her.