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This Is What Happens When A Psychopath Becomes Involved With Another Psychopath


A relationship between two individuals that are incapable of genuine emotions is usually a catastrophe. Are you wondering why this is so?

Well, when a psychopath enters a relationship with a person who is not a psychopath, there’s a chance that a basis for emotional intimacy can be created, especially if the non-psychopathic person has a strong sense of optimism and is willing to make compromises. In this type of relationship, it’s very probable that the optimism will be unrealistic and the psychopath will leave their partner with both their heart and hopes shattered.

The optimism, whether realistic or ill-founded, that you might have if you’re involved with a psychopath, can grow out of your belief that he/she has had a difficult life in their childhood. Your partner’s parents were unloving, distant, and harsh and growing up in such family atmosphere made it extremely hard for him/her to trust and establish close, deep relationships with others, even with someone as compassionate, trustworthy, and loving as you.

When two psychopaths get together in a relationship, however, neither of the partners is capable of providing emotional intimacy, support, and security. Both partners are unable to connect with each other on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

They lack compassion and empathy. They lie, manipulate, and take advantage of each other for personal gain. Their needs and desires outweigh those of their partner. And the only thing they’re interested in is furthering their own interests, and usually, they do this at their partner’s expense.  

A study was conducted at the University of Georgia that followed 172 couples over the first ten years of their marriage. The researchers examined the psychopathic characteristics of the spouses in relation to their partner’s psychopathic personality characteristics.   

The study found that people who have great levels of psychopathic traits may have trouble creating long-term commitments while dating. But, some of them, in fact, make it to marriage.

However, once married, the problems begin to appear very early. After six months of  marriage, wives who were high in psychopathy stopped showing interest in resolving conflicts in a positive way, like using humor and showing affection. They were more likely to have a negative approach to conflict resolution, like contempt and anger.

The authors of the study concluded that people who have great levels of psychopathic traits may not be concerned whether the way they communicate with their partner causes the latter distress. And even if they are, they may have difficulty noticing their partner’s distress and changing course in order to make these experiences less unpleasant or harmful.

The study also showed that men with great levels of psychopathic traits may be less satisfied with the marriage and less interested in maintaining an intimate relationship with their wife over time.

Finally, the study showed that whatever problems exist in a couples’ communication in the first months of marriage continue to exist over time. And couples that get along in the first months of relationship are likely to get along throughout.

So, what’s your opinion on this? Do you think two psychopathic individuals can make it together? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section below.