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This Is What You Need To Know Before Falling In Love With A Woman Who Has Experienced Domestic Violence


A woman like this has been through hell and back. She was a victim of mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Her world was wrapped in nothing else but fear, sadness, tears, and darkness.

That’s why this kind of woman deserves a man who will know how to love and take care of her. A man who will always be there for her. A man who will prove his love, respect, and loyalty to her every single day.

She deserves a man who will fight for her and not with her.

This woman has been through the worst and it’ll take her a while before she is able to trust and love again.

So if you’re feeling like you’re falling in love with a woman who has experienced domestic violence and want to date her, know that there are some things you should know so as to build and maintain a healthy, meaningful, successful relationship.

First of all, physical contact is hard for her.

She was with a partner who was physically violent and who made her suffer a lot. She was with a monster of a partner who neither saw nor treated her like a human being. He abused her in any way you can imagine – physically, mentally, and emotionally. With every hurtful word he said to her and every degrading thing he did to her, he made her feel unworthy and week.

That’s why it’ll take her more time before she starts feeling comfortable to let you touch her. It’s not that she doesn’t want you to hug and kiss her, but she wants to feel that when she’s ready.

So, don’t rush things, but be patient with her. Give her as much time and space as she needs so as to start to trust you and feel comfortable with you.

She feels empty.

Although she escaped the abusive relationship, she still feels lost and finds it hard to trust anyone. That’s why she needs a man who will make her feel safe and protected. A man whom she’ll know she can always rely on for his help and support. A man who will make her feel free and comfortable to talk to him about the awful things she went through. 

She needs to know that you won’t let her fight her battles alone. She needs to be sure that you’ll be more than willing to help her overcome all her insecurities and fears. That you’ll do your best to help her heal her wounds and pick up the broken pieces of her heart.

She needs you to be patient with her.

Only the person who has experienced domestic violence knows how it feels when the person you love and trust the most hits you and humiliates you in every possible way. She understands that you want to know everything that happened to her, but she also needs time to open her heart to you.

Don’t doubt she’ll share with you the bad, humiliating, embarrassing things that her ex did to her, but she’ll do that when she feels ready. And until that happens, don’t force her to tell you anything. Instead, be supportive and patient with her.

She needs you to support her.

This woman wasn’t guilty of anything that happened to her. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should see and treat her like a victim. In fact, this is something she’d hate the most.

What she needs and wants from you is to see her as a normal person. She needs to know you believe in her strength. She wants to hear from your lips that she’s strong, brave, smart, and beautiful. She needs to know that you’re aware of and embrace all her imperfections. That you accept and love her just the way she is.

This woman needs to know that you won’t lose your temper and take out your anger on her when she gets emotional and the memories of her past start flooding back to her. She needs to know that you’ll always be gentle, kind, compassionate, and full of understanding of her condition.

This woman needs to know that you’ll never betray her trust and hurt her feelings. And most importantly, she needs to feel that you love her truly, deeply, and unconditionally.

She can’t escape her past.

No matter how hard she tries to forget about the hell she went through, she can’t. Her painful past engraved itself deep down in her soul and it affects her in all parts of  her life.

Instead of being showered with love and attention like she deserves, she was showered with insults and bitter reproaches. She had to endure such awful things that no person ever should.

She deserves the best and she knows it.

This woman knows the best what it feels like to touch the bottom and lose the purpose of life. Yet, her awful past was just a lesson she had to learn the hard way. A lesson that taught her how to love and appreciate herself. 

All the bad things her ex put her through have made the person she is today. Today, she’s stronger, braver, and more resilient than ever.

She’s found the purpose of her life and she’s able to smile again. She’s surrounded by people who make her feel happy and fulfilled. Today, she’s able to find meaning and joy in everything that surrounds her.

Today, she’s more than ever aware of her worth and knows how she deserves to be treated: with lot of kindness, compassion, dignity, and love. And she’ll never ever settle for anything less than that.

So, if you truly love and care about her, make sure you’re the person she’s always wanted and deserved to be with.