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This Is Why An Alpha Woman Will Be The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have


Have you ever come across an independent, alpha woman? I’m sure you have. And I also know that she can be quite intimidating at first. Why?

Well, because alpha women are smart, fierce and confident. Because they don’t see the world as “male-dominated.” Because they’re fed up with putting up with all those negative, shameless stereotypes about them that make them appear inferior to men.

Strong, independent alpha women speak their mind and stand up for themselves. They don’t seek other people’s validation. They don’t beg for anyone’s attention, respect, and love. Because they’re aware of their worth.

They’re aware of their abilities, strength, and resilience. They know exactly who they are and what they want and need in life.

And they certainly know what they look for in their relationships and what qualities they want their partner to possess.

Anyway, I’d like to make one thing clear: An alpha woman can appear intimidating and she can even be a little bit difficult to handle at times, but this kind of woman is not difficult to love at all.

Because apart from her strength, confidence, stunning personality, and charm, she possesses many other qualities – qualities that make her the best girlfriend you’ll ever have.

Are you ready to learn what those qualities are?  Well, if you are, then buckle up. Here we go:

She’s honest and direct. When an alpha woman says yes, she means YES, and when she says no, she means NO. This woman doesn’t beat about the bush.

Instead, she says things the way they are. She doesn’t waste her time playing little mind games, making lame excuses, or telling lies. Such immature, irresponsible behavior simply doesn’t fit into her personality.

So, if you’re lucky enough to ever fall in love with and be loved by such woman, know that she’ll always be honest and direct with you. She’ll tell you the truth, no matter how painful or harsh it may be because she values honesty the most.

She’s self-sufficient.  This woman will commit to you and fully invest herself in the relationship, but you have to know that she won’t lose herself to you. She won’t forget about her own needs, desires, and goals.

Because this woman is the master of her own life. She lives life by her own principles and she is used to dealing with her problems and pursuing her goals by herself.

This might sound unfair and selfish to some, but it takes a real man to understand and accept the fierce nature of alpha women. It takes a real man to embrace the fact that when an alpha woman enters a relationship with a guy, that’s because she truly loves him, not because she needs him.

She brings out the best in you. If there is anything you want to achieve in life, she’ll be there to motivate you to get it. Whether it’s some difficult project you have to complete for work or a goal you are working towards, she’ll be there to give you her help and support.

This woman will give you the best part of her and through her words and actions, she’ll challenge you to grow and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

She never backs down. When an alpha woman is truly in love, she fights for her relationship. She doesn’t back down when the first problems and challenges start to appear in the relationship.

She’s the type of woman who never sweeps problems under the carpet. Instead, she does everything that is in her power to find a solution that will be the best for both of you. Because when this woman commits to you, she stays with you through thick and thin and she fights with every fiber of her being to protect what you have.

She’s not afraid or ashamed to make the first move. When an alpha woman wants something, she doesn’t wait for someone else to give it to her. Instead, she goes out there and gets it herself. And she behaves the same way when it comes to her emotions and love life.

If she really likes you, she won’t wait for you to approach her. She’ll make the first move. And as far as her emotions and relationships are concerned, know that an alpha woman will never feel hesitant or ashamed to express her feelings and passion. And she’s certainly not shy in bed.

She’ll be wild and passionate without worrying about what others might think of her. This woman has simply no time for those things.

She loves and appreciates herself. How can you love and respect someone if you don’t love and respect yourself first? Alpha women understand that self-love and self-care are important prerequisites for truly loving and caring about someone.

That’s why no matter how hard and busy day they’ve had, (or lazy), they never neglect their health, career, or physical appearance. They know what’s best for them and that self-care should be everyone’s top priority.

She’s positive and full of life. If you’re lucky enough to be loved by this kind of woman, know that you’ll never feel bored. And the reason is simple: alpha women are positive and live life to the fullest.  Their adventurous spirit doesn’t allow them to waste their time on negative, toxic people or things that drain their energy and only stand in the way to their happiness and success.

An alpha woman knows what her purpose on Earth is, and in order to fulfill it, she’s willing to take on any challenge and overcome any obstacle life sends her way. And don’t doubt she’ll transfer her positive vibes and attitude to life to you.