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This Is Why Empaths Usually Fall For The ‘Wounded And Poor Narcissist’


People say opposites attract. Some don’t believe this.

Personally, I think that’s not far from the truth. Just look at narcissists and empaths. They are completely different worlds, yet for some reason, they are always attracted to each other. Together they are trouble, but somehow, they are always incredibly drawn to each other.

Being with an empath is heaven for the greedy, soul-sucking narcissist who enjoys being the center of attention. Empaths, on the other hand, are attracted to the narcissist’s need for care and love. They are open and loving people, so it is in their nature to take on other people’s pain. This is how they get involved with narcissists in the first place.

So, what usually starts as an innocent attempt to help a troubled and miserable soul ends up as a hellish experience that often leads to mental and emotional distress.

But the question still remains. If narcissists are the worst thing that could ever happen to empaths, why oh why are they so attracted to them?

As I already mentioned, empaths are loving and emotionally open people who exist to help other human beings. But they are not only compassionate. They have the extraordinary ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes and do everything in their power to help these poor beings overcome their pain. Empaths have hearts of gold. They believe that there is good in every human being.

And that is exactly what narcissists look for. Kind, loving and trusting people who would boost their egos like crazy and treat them like they are the most important people in the whole world. Narcissists know that empaths have a hard time accepting that someone could be that self-absorbed and they take advantage of that. And so, their games begin.

They usually start with seducing the poor empaths by pretending to be a victim that desperately needs their help and then when they finally trap them in their web of lies, they show them their true colors. They take everything empaths hold dear and day by day they suck the energy out of them. Until the empath completely loses a sense of self and falls into despair.

Having in mind that empaths are bad at setting those necessary boundaries in life, they are quite the easy catch for the greedy and manipulative narcissists. Once the empath is within the narcissist’s clutches, the chase is over. From this moment on, the game of lies and manipulations begins.

Which leads us to a conclusion that even though it is very easy for these completely contrasting sides to attract, it is unlikely for them to ever work out as a couple. If they can even be called a couple.

Empaths and narcissists could never ever find balance, no matter how much they try.

Their union is doomed from the very start.

So, ending a toxic and a manipulative relationship like this would not be considered a bad thing. In fact, it would be an absolutely positive step for both sides. In the end, it is important to remember that holding on to something that doesn’t help us grow, but pushes us down can have a big impact on our life and our mental health.

This Is Why Empaths Usually Fall For The \'Wounded And Poor Narcissist\'