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This Is Why Falling In Love Is So Hard For Every Strong Woman


We live in an era where strong ladies who are used to carry the load on their own shoulders are often perceived as man-haters who are most likely to end up as old maidens with 40 cats.

Let’s ease up a bit on them, shall we?

While it is true that independent gals acquire more joy in ruling their own world and search for the happiness within them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to fall in love someday.

As an independent woman myself, I can assure you, we believe in love. Just because we seem a bit distant or selfish with our space at times, you shouldn’t get the idea that we’re not up for it.

The thing about us is that we will never be “up for it” with just about anyone.

Finding a suitable partner for a healthy and prosperous relationship in a society which religiously uses dating apps hoping to find their soulmate seems to a be a big difficulty.

And if it’s hard for other people, you can only imagine what it feels like to women who won’t always “budge an inch” for every person that comes along.

Even when we feel like the right one has come to our doors (I’ll feel free to speak in the name of all the independent sisters), it’s safe to say that it all comes down to battling between our feelings of wanting to experience true love and our strong moral code to never compromise our values.

Paradoxical, right?

As a declared independent person, who keeps chasing her dreams and pays  her bills, sadly I’ve had a pretty devastating love experience. I found a guy to whom I was really attracted by the things he did.

But the biggest mistake I made was confusing those nice things with their personality. Which turned out to be plain immature and childish.

Thinking back on the experience, I’m aware I got attached to a person who I thought he was.  The person who presented themselves as supportive of my goals was now trying to alienate my world by projecting an irrational jealousy.

And as much as I realize that as humans we carry each our own madness within and we often make mistakes (We’re far away from perfect) I will have the courage to ask you a question.

If you’re not up for being an equal partner to an open-minded, independent woman, then why the hell do you pretend to be one?

What good is it to date for fun anyway?

The playtime is over. We are mature women with a firm approach to the world around us and that’s the same attitude we search for in a person.

Falling in love is terrifying as it is. But it’s even more exceptionally scary for a woman who’s aware how serious it really is to invest time and energy in someone. A woman who would expect the same from you and would need your understanding.

I would never allow myself to waste my time doing the same mistake ever again. I don’t have the energy to get so intimate with someone only to find out after a while, that they don’t feel ready to live up to the same standards as my own.

I’m not scared to be alone. My biggest fear is ending up with the wrong man.

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