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This Is Why It’s Truly Important To Express Gratitude In Your Relationship


Saying thank you is one of the simplest and easiest things that we can do. Yet, for some reason, we often forget to say it. Sometimes we think it’s not that important and sometimes we believe that the person next to us already know that we appreciate all their efforts.

But this kind of thinking is what usually gets us in troubles.

Expressing gratitude to people who’ve done something to you is something we must always do.

But let’s talk about romantic relationships, shall we? Saying thank you to your partner regardless of the fact that they know how much you appreciate them helping you or being there for you is essential if you want to keep your relationship happy.

Still, the question remains. How much is too much and how much is enough?

Let’s be clear, by saying that expressing gratitude to your partner is essential and healthy for the relationship, I don’t mean that you should do that every time he gets up and pick up his mess. NO.

I am saying that thanking your partner in a form of a smile, warm, loving hug, a look in the eyes or a simple note on the fridge every once in a while, can make a big difference in their life and your relationship overall. It doesn’t matter if they know how appreciated and loved they are by you. One simple ‘thank you’, ‘you are the best’ on a daily basis can not only brighten their day but also brighten their life.

Believe it or not, this has been confirmed by a study. A research done by Cameron, Amette, & Smith (2011) supported this idea, but also added a very interesting insight. Their findings proved that a spouse’s feeling and expressing gratitude in their relationship is tightly associated with their marital satisfaction. However, while a person’s feeling of gratitude predicted the spouse’s marital satisfaction, their expressed gratitude did not, which pointed out one important thing.

Expressing gratitude does not only mean saying thank you. If you want to truly express your gratitude towards someone, words aren’t going to cut it. You need to feel the things that you are saying.

I admit, it is not always that easy as it seems, but in the end, it is worth it. To be that open and to have such great gratitude towards your partner, you must see your partner in a positive light. That means that you must first free yourself from all the grudges, all of your anger in your heart, at least for a moment. You must be ready to accept the fact that this offering of gratitude may actually be used against you. You must take everything into consideration.

Because there is nothing more wonderful than that intimate and beautiful moment when your partner accepts and graciously welcomes your gift. Those are the things that make one relationship stronger and generally happier.

Showing each other how much you appreciate one another and how much you care for each other is the key to a long-lasting and loving connection!

This Is Why It\'s Truly Important To Express Gratitude In Your Relationship