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Three Main Differences Between Laziness and Procrastination


Good old procrastination! Everyone experiences this at least once a month. However, some people have overcome the strong urge to postpone things, and now they work on important and urgent activities and get them done effectively before a deadline while many still wonder why they battle with laziness and procrastination. You really want to study and ace that exam, but you spend your time with Netflix munching a bag of potato chips. We’ve all been here, are we right? And that’s precisely what you end up doing.

There are days you don’t feel like studying at all, and days you don’t feel like going to school. At one point or another, the school stress must have made you feel like quitting. These are days when you have no set goals, no passion, and all you want to do is eat, drink, sleep, and do other pleasurable things. Those days, which may lapse into months or years, you can as well be referred to as lazy.

Getting important tasks done effectively and in time is the exact opposite of procrastination. Actively setting a goal and pursuing it with passion, while putting in all your effort and commitment is the opposite of laziness.

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Differences Between Procrastination and Laziness


  1. The origin of the words is different

Though procrastination and laziness may seem to be the same thing, they are not. Procrastination is derived from the Latin word ‘cras’ which means ‘tomorrow,’ while the origin of the word laziness is gotten from the Latin word ‘indolent’ which means ‘painless’ or ‘without taking the trouble.’

  1. The pattern of the behavior

Procrastination is the urge to put things off until the last minute while focusing on less important, less urgent, and irrelevant plans. The procrastinator waits till the last minute to get things done, and most times underperforms or does something that is below par. The lazy person generally is passionless about life, goalless and has the ‘I don’t care attitude.’ The lazy person hardly or seldom gets anything done; every job or work done is carried out slothfully.

  1. The cause of the behavior

Different factors cause laziness or procrastination. The reason for laziness can be attributed to lack of motivation. Slothfulness being synonymous with laziness means disclination to action or labour, which is as a result of an individual seeking the least resistant path to get something done. Procrastination is mostly caused by fear. A person sees tasks as complicated; the fear of taking on such responsibility leads to a subconscious decision to defer it for as long as possible. The fear of underperformance, the fear of potential rejection and failure, causes us to postpone indefinitely until the eleventh hour, which most times prove to be detrimental.

How to deal with Laziness and Procrastination

The cure for laziness generally, is for an individual to find something about what they are passionate.

Dealing with procrastination requires you to obtain clarity about what is causing you to be afraid. Also, listing out those things, including the worst possible scenarios that may play out if you don’t take action. It requires a firm understanding of the items you want to get done. Get a detailed explanation of why you don’t want to do it and how exactly you are going to overcome the resistance to do those things.

Laziness and procrastination can be helpful at times. Feeling lazy after a hard day’s work and only wanting to relax can be refreshing and help to boost your drive and morale for future tasks. However, over-indulgence can be harmful to you.

Postponing things until the appropriate moment does not equal procrastination. Having the judgment to procrastinate rightly is helpful to us. Everyone procrastinates, yet, some do it to their benefit, others – to their detriment.