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Tips for Overcoming Anxiety As A College Freshman


Anxiety is a natural process that happens to all college freshmen, which is why one should not panic because it only makes things worse. Getting through college just takes getting used to, which is why one should plan things in advance and take one step at a time. As you follow these simple tips, things will seem much brighter, and you will enjoy each new discovery that you make.

5 Tips For Overcoming Anxiety As a College Freshman

  1.  Remember to Exercise.

Even if you do not join a gym at your college campus, you should always stretch your muscles once in a while and do so-called office gymnastics like knee lifting or just taking some rest in your chair. It will help you to stay fit and avoid fatigue and problems with your back, which is typical for college freshmen. If some college assignment seems too complex, spending hours trying to complete it may just not work. As a solution, check the TopWritersReview and receive help with anything from topic selection and thesis to bibliography correction and proofreading. It will also give you more time to exercise or just take a walk around the campus.

  1. Avoid Binge Drinking.

The chances are high that some older students will offer various recreational drugs that seem to “make stuff easier and give you strength”, yet it is not so in reality. The same relates to binge drinking and staying up all night, which works only for a few days but then makes you even more stressed as your body just cannot cope with all the pressure. It also poses certain healthcare dangers and may seriously affect your cognitive functions and clarity of mind. Choose sports, music, or social work instead as it also adds good points to your CV.

  1. Create an Academic Plan.

This part is often ignored by college freshmen today, yet starting with a study outline with all the deadlines and upcoming exams is essential. It can be a planning app or color stickers with the dates. While the majority of tasks will not be overly complex, you may still consider looking into professional dissertation help for the future to see how it works and why one should start learning the requirements early. It will help you see how to avoid plagiarism, keep things structured, and provide more personal research. The most important thing is to learn, as you will get there eventually!

  1. Join Student’s Clubs.

The majority of colleges these days offer various types of clubs that students can join. These usually include sports, music, photography classes, fashion, environmental programs, or student exchange programs. If you are an aspiring DJ or a future rock star, you may consider starting a band. If you are good at sports, the life of a college athlete may be an option. Just explore your campus and you will find something that will be worth joining to relieve some stress!

  1. Start a Personal Blog.

Even though you already have some writing to do with all these college assignments, composing something beyond the textbooks helps. This way you can express your feelings and thoughts as you overcome anxiety. You can start a personal blog and share the things you like or just write about your daily college experiences. It will also help future and current students if you decide to share it with other learners. Finally, it is a great way to meet new people and make some friends all over the world!

Sleep Is Essential

Remember to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night because it is the only way your brain and body can get some rest. If insomnia is a problem, consider looking into sleep tracking apps that will help you stay in control and relax with the help of music or soothing sound effects. When you have some rest, your brain also works differently as it has enough oxygen and antioxidants to function.


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