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Tips For Spotting A Fake Jewelry Item When You Are Looking For A Baltimore Jeweler


Many jewelers are offering stunning jewelry items and access to dazzling gemstones or rubies has never been easy. But one also cannot deny the amount of fakery happening in this business. At some point in your life, you must have found yourself in a situation where you discovered the expensive jewelry item that you bought turned out to be a complete fraud.

In situations like these, you must have felt outraged enough to just go and destroy the jeweler’s shop or somehow make them pay for it. But the truth is this immoral practice is so common that now hardly anyone ever makes an effort to lodge complaints against the tricksters. Majority victims just gobble down this loss of hundreds of dollars and move ahead. 

But what if we tell you that there are a few tricks and techniques that can equip you with knowledge of fake and real jewelry? Yes, you would be able to pick the difference between fake and real jewelry items after reading this article. 

Look for hallmarks 

Imagine you have been saving up for months to buy that beautiful gold ring for your lady on which she has had her eyes on for so long. You want to propose to her with something that speaks of your love, not in terms of money, but in the hard work that you have put in just to make her happy. Unfortunately, the ring starts getting rusty and damaged on your fiance’s finger. And you are hit with a daunting reality that all your hard work was actually for nothing. 

To avoid being in such a situation, one must know how to differentiate a real metal from a fake one. And to do so, you can check the hallmark that is engraved in the jewelry item and tells about the purity of the metal. They are typically quite invisible to the naked eye and therefore go unnoticed, so you have to look for it. 

Detecting fake Silver

The simplest method to check Silver is to rub regular chalk on a silver jewelry item. If the metal starts getting darker, then you can be assured of its originality. 

Checking gold

Gold is a metal that gets darken in vinegar if it is has a high percentage of impurities. So you only have to dip the gold item in a glass filled with vinegar for five minutes and see if it gets dark. 


So we advise you to be extra careful while buying jewelry because you are going to be spending a decent amount of money on it. If there are certain measures that you can take easily before making your purchase then do rather than regretting it later when you are stripped of all your money.

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