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Tips For Trying Delta 9 THC For The First Time

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THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabinoid products and it varies in intensity depending on the nature of the product. Delta 8, 9 and 10 are different concentrations that can be purchased according to the scope of use and purpose. 

THC has many benefits related to sleep, stress, memory and even chronic pain and Delta 9 is a more concentrated version that can create some trepidation in first time users. When THC is used and ingested within the legal limit of 0.3 percent per product, it is generally safe except for sensitive persons. Here are some tips on how to try Delta 9 for the first time safely and to get the maximum benefit from it. 

Build Up Use Slowly 

Very few people can say they have a tolerance or immunity to any cannabis or hemp product, in fact even seasoned users of CBD products may take to Delta 9 poorly due to the higher level of THC that is present. CBD products in general are often free from THC or any other psychoactive capabilities so people using them may not be used to the effect of Delta 9 infused products. A useful tip is to slowly build up the amount and dose over time rather than overdosing all at once to protect against any adverse reaction or toxicity. Many first-time users report some hallucinogenic experiences particularly if they have dosed incorrectly. 

Start with Delta 9 edibles such as delta 9 gummies, chocolates or granola bars as they have a lower concentration, from there you can work upwards to tinctures or vaping liquids. The other consideration to bear in mind is that the edibles are not to be treated like regular food items so half a gummy is still a very potent dose of Delta 9 so must be used carefully. 

High Spectrum Higher Potency

Regular CBD products like CBD oil as mentioned earlier have barely any detectable levels of THC and some have low spectrum THC which does not have much effect in terms of psychoactive properties. Delta 9 is a high spectrum high potency formulation that not only needs an adjustment period for every user individually but also has various other effects on clarity of mind, memory, concentration and even consciousness. 

It is preferable to always buy from a brand that has a standardized way of sourcing their hemp and cannabis plants and extracting the Delta 9 from it. Some companies have an entirely synthetic method of extraction while some may prefer a more natural method. Prior research will always affect the quality you get; therefore it is important to know how the brand manufactures its Delta 9 product and whether or not they are meeting the legal requirements. 

Third party testing is a sign of quality and it requires extra investment from the part of the manufacturer. When a Delta 9 product is tested from a third party lab, the exact concentration of THC as well as the purity and potency of the product becomes known which is then reflected in the packaging and marketing. 

Listen To Your Body 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Delta 9 and there can be a huge difference and variation between the ways different people react to Delta 9. For some people, it can be an overpowering experience on many levels and for some, it can require a higher dose for them to feel the full benefit. While reading user reviews is helpful, each user should listen to their body and gauge the effect the product is having and adjust its use accordingly. For some individuals, it may not be helpful to use Delta 9 edibles or vapes every day. Keeping a log book for the first few times, you use it can provide a snapshot and record of how your body takes to it. 

Bear Time In Mind 

Many Delta 9 THC products are time specific in the sense that they can only be consumed within a certain window or they should not be exceeded in dose within 24 or 12 hours in some cases. It is vital to read the directions on the packaging and set a timer on your phone, so you don’t overdose on them before the recommended time has lapsed. Furthermore, Delta 9 is not fast acting and does take time to build up in the system as well. Do not expect any result before 30 minutes to an hour especially if you are using the product for extreme pain relief or insomnia