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Tips to improve your Bike’s Mileage


One of the key performance indicators for a bike is its mileage. If you’ve opted for taking out a bike loan to consider buying a new two-wheeler, you cannot go without looking at the mileage of the models you are considering. Mileage allows one to gauge the distance a vehicle can travel with a particular amount of fuel in its engine. In fact, mileage is a key factor when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, or even a second-hand automobile in India.

A bike mileage that is considered poor can erode the value of one’s two-wheeler, no matter how expensive the model is. For this reason, it is vital to practice key methods to improve your bike’s mileage. Here are a few key techniques to improve your bike mileage.

  1. Ride your bike at a steady speed

Rash driving can erode bike mileage over time. Hence the prime consideration to maintaining a healthy bike mileage is to drive your two-wheelers at a moderate speed of anywhere between 30 km/hr to 50km/hr. The more you maintain a constant speed, the more likely you are to achieve a higher mileage.

  1. Avoid parking under sunlight that is directly overhead

Too much heating up on a bike’s engine can result in the vaporization of the fuel. The more fuel is vaporized, the more the bike’s mileage will drop. This is why it’s important to avoid parking your two-wheeler under sunlight that is harsh, or directly overhead for too long.

  1. Switch off your vehicle’s engine when it is idle:

Although it might seem frivolous, switching off your engine as often as possible can make a major difference to your mileage. Let’s say you are stuck at a red light on your bike. Alternatively, you could be waiting on your bike to pick up somebody. The time you leave your engine running without actually covering any distance does your two-wheeler more harm than you realize. Hence, during these key moments, switch off your engine to preserve your bike mileage.

  1. Maintain good tire pressure

It’s important to check your two wheeler’s tire pressure as often as possible. Particularly in the case of mileage, a vehicle’s tire pressure plays a pivotal role. Not only does low tire pressure add stress to your engine, but this in turn affects how much distance your bike can cover, as a consequence. Hence, keep your tire pressure at an optimum level for the best mileage.

  1. Drive using the correct gears

When you drive your bike at a low speed on a higher gear than is meant for that speed, you are depleting more fuel than you need to. The longer you do this, the quicker your fuel will run out. Hence, always change gears correctly and drive at a consistent pace without changing speeds too often. These are the best strategies for optimum fuel utilization.

  1. Get your bike serviced regularly

A bike that runs smoothly is a bike that has good mileage, and a good engine. When you opt to get your bike serviced often, this allows it to remain in a healthy condition. In fact, servicing your bike often and in a timely manner can also help you identify potential engine issues or problem areas within your bike. Bike mileage is a factor of your engine’s health. Opting for a bike loan is worthless if you choose to go for a model that has a weak engine. When you send your bike for servicing you can also get an idea about the quality of engine oil within it. Ensure you have selected the right oil for your engine as this will increase mileage.

  1. Use your clutch gently

When driving a bike for the first time, it’s common to press the clutch too hard when accelerating. The problem with this is that it can damage your bike’s mileage significantly. The reason behind this is that pressing the clutch too hard tampers with a bike’s fuel composition. Hence it is recommended to be gentle with the clutch when you are driving a bike.


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