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To The Guy Who Stopped Appreciating The Girl He Loves – Don’t Risk Losing The Best Thing You Ever Had


First of all, congratulations! You’re the lucky one. You are blessed because this girl has chosen you out of all guys.

This girl is like a rare pearl on the bottom of the ocean that many are desperately trying to find, but only a few are lucky to do so. You had the courage to dive into it and take it, but you lacked determination and willingness to keep it.

Saying ‘I love you’ is not enough.

There’s one thing you should remember: you don’t make the person you love wonder whether their love is reciprocated or not. Saying ‘I love you’ every day is not enough. These words mean nothing to her unless they’re accompanied by actions which prove your love for her.

And this girl, who loves honestly and unconditionally, is tired of interpreting your feelings and thoughts. She’s tired of reading between the lines. She deserves more than the mixed signals you’re sending her. She deserves to know where she stands in your life.

This is the girl you need to appreciate.

This girl is rare and special. When she loves, she commits her mind, body, and soul to you. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves unselfishly and wants the best for you.

This is the girl who has changed your life for the better. The girl who motivates you to grow personally and professionally. The girl who inspires you to break your bad habits and become a better version of yourself.

This is the girl who accepts you for who you are, without trying to change you. The girl who loves every single thing about you, including your flaws and quirks. The girl who gives her best to help you overcome your fears and problems.

This is the girl who always tries to see the good in you even at times when you can’t see it yourself. The girl who is never afraid to make compromises and sacrifices so as to meet your needs and expectations. The girl who always makes time for you and ensures she doesn’t neglect your feelings and wants.

This is how you need to appreciate her.

Don’t be reluctant or ashamed to show her that you care about her. Kiss her. Hug her. Make her feel your tenderness and the warmth of your touch every single day. Fight for her. Make her feel happy and special.

Let her know that she’s the one for whom your heart beats like crazy. The one who makes your body tremble when you look at her. The one who makes your eyes glow with happiness. Show her that she means the world to you.

This is what she needs.

It’s not your sweet words or courtesy that she needs. Instead, she needs to feel that you love her as much as she loves you. She needs to know that you’re sure about your feelings for her. She needs to know that she’s your priority as much as you’re hers.

She needs you to pay attention to and show understanding for her opinions, ideas, and problems. She needs to know that you’ll be there when times get rough for her.

She needs to be sure that she is the only girl you carry in your heart.

The connection you have with her happens only once in a lifetime.

She is one of a kind. Her heart is unique. The way she loves and treats you makes her stand out from the rest.

I know that there are girls out there who may be prettier or smarter than her, but you’ll never find a girl that will make you feel the way SHE does. She makes you feel like you’re the most loved, respected, and important person in the world. She makes you feel fulfilled, excited, and alive. She makes you feel special.

This girl can often disagree with you if her opinions and ideas are different from those of yours. But, she doesn’t do this to hurt you or make you feel unworthy. She’s just not afraid to stand her ground. She broadens your knowledge and gives you new perspectives of the world. You connection is deep, powerful, and unique.

Don’t risk losing the best thing you ever had.

This girl has made you the center of her world. She accepts and adores every single detail about you. She is your biggest fan. She believes in you, your abilities, and your mental strength. She thinks and speaks highly of you. She doesn’t hesitate to show the world how proud of you she is.

Yet, you need to remember that this girl knows her worth and she won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves. She deserves to be treated with love, respect, compassion, and dignity -the way she treats you. She won’t allow herself to stay with someone who takes her for granted and makes her feel invisible.

Don’t let your insecurities, problems, past mistakes and failures become your excuse to stop fighting for her. Don’t let her slip through your fingers because you’ll never find someone like her.

Don’t let yourself risk your chance to be happy and spend your life regretting losing her. Open your eyes and you’ll see how lucky you are for having such an amazing person beside you – HER.

Image: Manon Vacher