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Today Is The Day App – My Honest Review


Difficult times can be a real psychological trial, spawning everyday life challenges like apathy and lingering fatigue. I stumbled upon the Today Is The Day app during one of my many attempts to find a solution for my chronic procrastination. Like many others, I found myself trapped in a cycle of putting off tasks, feeling overwhelmed, and then scrambling to complete them at the last minute.

The promises of productivity apps often seemed too good to be true, but Today Is The Day caught my attention with its straightforward name and positive reviews. On top of that, the app employs a hyper-personalization approach, using a kick-off quiz that defines a user’s personal traits and sets basic goals. The whole following process of fending off procrastination is based on that.

That being said, I gave it a shot, and here’s what my experience looked like.

Before Today Is The Day App

This app created for me the life “before’ and the life “after”. And the “before” period I mark in my life story as a state of struggle. Here’s what my daily routine looked like:

Tired all the time
No motivation
Wasting tons of time
Feeling obliged to please people
Anxious and out-of-balance


Before including Today Is The Day to my routine, my life was a constant battle against fatigue, anxiety, the need to please others and an overall lack of motivation. Procrastination had become a major foe, making every task seem like an insurmountable mountain. I needed a good way to break these patterns.

After Today Is The Day App

After diving into the regular use of this program, I could watch the transformation unfold. It was a gradual yet visible process that turned me into the person I am today:

Ready to perform
Full of energy
Enthusiastic to do better
Happy and calm


After a few weeks of using the app, I could witness my emotional state and daily productivity improve on all sides. I found myself motivated and brimming with energy, experiencing genuine calmness for the first time in years, developing self-confidence, and feeling fully prepared to tackle any task that came my way. I started getting these surges of enthusiasm that don’t seem to die down over time.

The Journey and the Lessons I have Learned

The Today Is The Day app has a unique approach to tackle procrastination, blending psychology and practical “micro-self-management” strategies. Namely, you get regular daily challenges that encourage you to do better across all important segments of life. For instance, you learn to break down intimidating tasks into manageable steps.

Alos, you realize the importance of having realistic goals, setting priorities, and rewarding yourself mentally for each small victory you achieve. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I went through a bunch of self-transforming milestones:

A kick-off personalized quiz

The kick-off quiz was not your typical questionnaire. Rather, it delved deep into my habits, preferences, and psychological triggers. It identified my procrastination patterns, pinpointed the root causes, and set tailored goals based on my responses. This hyper-personalized approach immediately struck a chord, making me feel seen and understood.

Positive reinforcement and affirmations

Today Is The Day promotes self-compassionate personal improvements with constant positive reinforcement. The app regularly provided affirmations, acknowledging my progress and encouraging me to embrace a positive mindset. This constant positivity became a driving force and source of encouragement, reshaping my self-perception and attitude towards tasks.

A two-minute rule

The app introduced me to the “two-minute rule” – if a task takes less than two minutes, handle it immediately. This simple yet effective strategy helped me battle the accumulation of small tasks. And up to this day, it helps me feel a sense of accomplishment without going far.

Journaling and reflecting

Today Is The Day also encouraged daily reflection and journaling, helping me to track my emotions, challenges, and successes. The reflective exercises guided me in understanding my procrastination triggers and helped me develop a proactive mindset. The whole journaling thing, in general, has become a therapeutic ritual I’m using to this day.

Over the weeks, the challenges gradually increased in complexity, adapting to my evolving capabilities and focusing on specific areas of improvement. The app’s ability to gauge my progress and adjust the difficulty of challenges guaranteed that I stay consistently challenged without feeling overwhelmed.

My Thoughts on How it Could Be Improved

While my experience with an app has been overwhelmingly positive, there are a few areas where the app could be enhanced:

  • Collaborative features: Introducing collaborative features or community elements could further boost the sense of support the app offers for users.
  • Integration with other apps: Seamless integration with other productivity apps, calendars, or task management tools could enhance the overall user experience.
  • Advanced analytics: Incorporating more detailed analytics and insights into productivity trends could offer users a deeper understanding of their habits and areas for improvement.

Bottom Line

Today Is The Day has undeniably proven its efficiency in my battle against procrastination. In just two weeks, I noticed a gradual shift in my habits and thought processes. The hassle-free interface, well-designed challenges, and positive reinforcement have created a significant shift in my mindset.

More importantly, the app doesn’t promise overnight success but instills a sense of consistency and progress that eventually leads to lasting change. So, if you are suffering from procrastination in any way, Today Is The Day is certainly worth your time.


Is Today Is The Day suitable for all types of tasks?

Yes, the app is versatile and can be adapted for various tasks, from short-term to long-term goals. The app offers adapted challenges designed for varying user segments.

Are challenges time-consuming?

The challenges are designed to be manageable and fit into daily routines. Most challenges take only a few minutes, which is why it is easy to follow them even with a busy schedule.

Can Today Is The Day be used for professional tasks?

Absolutely. Many challenges are tailored for workplace productivity, time management, and professional development. The app’s principles apply to both counterparts of your life – professional and personal.

Is the app suitable for beginners in productivity apps?

Yes, Today Is The Day is user-friendly and suitable for beginners. The app provides clear instructions, and the challenges go easiest-to-hardest, allowing users to ease into the productivity mindset.

Does the app work offline?

While the app requires an internet connection for updates and certain features, most of the challenges can be completed offline.