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In Today’s Relationships, We Cheat On Each Other Literally Every Day


How many of you still think that cheating is a sexual deceit? In Webster’s dictionary cheating is defined as a “deprivation of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud.” Yes, I agree with this definition that in other words includes sexual deceit as a cheating act.

Actually, I was going for a deeper meaning that cheating has.

If you are a typical person, your day probably goes like this: you get up, go to work, eat, spend time on social media, watch some TV, sleep, and that’s it.

However, if you are in a relationship you must set your priorities straight – the number one being the person you are in a relationship with.

If you spend your free time browsing through Facebook or Instagram and texting instead of meeting up in person – there is a problem. In the middle of your busy schedule, you will surely send a text to your sweetheart to let him/her know that you are thinking of them. Yes, this is sweet, but the reality is different.

I think that relationships nowadays lack direction. All this modern dating, chatting, skyping, etc. is damaging to our relationships. Does texting all day and see each other twice a week count as a relationship? I don’t think so. Something very important is missing there.

Relationships today falter more excessively than ever before. What do you think is the reason for this?

All these social media today has led us to do things like sitting at dinner and constantly checking our phones. And while communication is still one of the most important things in a relationship, these new ways of communication have made it so much harder for us to communicate in a real way.

And what is really disturbing is that we accepted this kind of behavior in our relationship – a relationship in which we are being cheated on every single day!

This type of cheating where we lack real communication, passion, attention, and intimacy, in my opinion is more dangerous than a sexual affair. Just think about it for a moment. I agree that cheating is really hurtful, but what is even more hurtful is begging for attention the person whom you have given your heart to.

You are hurt watching your loved one posting selfies and status updates on social media and people liking them. You start to feel like he/she should be spending more time with you and less time on Facebook.

So, instead of relying just on social media, I think we should date the old-fashioned way. Call me crazy, but I prefer calls and hanging out, and communicating face to face instead of texting all day long.

I want my loved one to take me out on real dates; to call me after work saying to get ready in 30 minutes because he is taking me someplace special. Also, I appreciate little things like holding doors, sending flowers, leaving cute notes, holding hands… All these things need to be a part of a relationship.

When it comes to love and relationships you have to be childish and make an effort. You have to be vulnerable. You can’t be present in the moment and appreciate your partner if you have million other things in your mind which can be a result of our dependence on social media.

We have become so obsessed that it had become a normal thing for us to scroll down and see what others are up to. We are preoccupied with others’ lives that we forget how to live ours.

So, I say: Put your phone down and start appreciating what you have in front of you.  

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