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Tonight’s Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Announces The Beginning Of A New 6-Month Era


As you may know, tonight is the night we have all been waiting for.  Tonight, we’ll have a wonderful and rare sight in the sky – a Super Blue Blood Moon will light up the night. And the energies that have been intense already will culminate tonight.

This astronomical event will be something magical. Something that has not been seen for the last 150 years. And it is tonight. It will push us to something amazing. We will finally be able to claim ownership of our lives due to these huge energies. We will finally listen to our heart’s desires and decide to own up to our mistakes.

This Super Blue Blood Moon is one of the rarest possible. And it will happen in the sign of Leo. This means that we will all reach a turning point in our lives.

We have been feeling the effects and the extreme energy of this Super Blue Blood Moon for quite some time now. This celestial phenomenon could be seen from the western hemisphere and it will make us travel inward, to the deepest aspects of our heart and soul. This could mean a lot of different things for us.

While this Moon’s energies are positive, they could leave us overwhelmed and with a bitter taste in our mouth. It is not easy to deal with them and their intensity.

Tonight’s lunar eclipse will reborn us into completely new individuals – the ones who we were meant to be all along. Also, great abundance and fortune are coming our way! It is only important to not lose hope in these overwhelming and hard days and in the months to come.

This energy that I am sure you are feeling right now is extremely important and it will be important during the whole year. Should you have noticed that your emotions are running wild, don’t worry. That feeling will pass after mid-February.

Moreover, these Supermoon’s energies are perfectly in line with and going through the gate of the Aquarius which means that everything is possible after tonight, and nothing will go wrong.

You are finally becoming the person that you were meant to be. Let these energies shape you, and don’t try to fight them.

Will you be watching this amazing astronomical event tonight? I surely will. I would not miss it for the world. ????