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Top 5 Coins to Have a Diverse Cryptocurrency Strategy


The first and most important strategy that every newbie investor should remember is that your portfolio has to be diverse. If you have earned a significant amount of money from one currency and think that it will be your lucky charm for the rest of your life, then you have got the crypto trading concept completely wrong.

Experts believe that investing in a single cryptocurrency has more chances of incurring a loss than when you diversify your investment on several crypto coins. So, even if one coin incurs a loss, the others will be there to recover that loss. Now, the question is, what coins should you invest in that will ensure a stable income.

One of the best ways to keep track of the performances of the coins is by using the Qprofit System, a CFD robot that provides authentic and legit information about cryptocurrencies that can be beneficial for the traders. But for those who are looking to get an insight into the top crypto coins, here are the ones that you need to keep an eye on:

1. Bitcoin

Considered the leader amongst all the coins in the crypto market, Bitcoin is the first crypto with the largest market cap. In fact, many people understand cryptocurrency when Bitcoin is mentioned. You need to be aware of the start and end of the bull run, and the position of the other coins in the market is dependent on how Bitcoin performs.

2. NEO

This is one of the best coins when it comes to passive income, and with its 2-coin system, NEO has been able to gain massive popularity among the investors. You get the GAS fees in a different currency, and one of the reasons to opt for this coin is that it will actually pay you the GAS fee. The best part about this coin is that you get paid for spending this coin. So, if you are looking for some extra income, then NEO is the coin to invest in.


This is the one for the future because they can predict the working of other coins and network of blockchains through its unique technology. So, even if it does not provide a considerable return now, it will eventually become one of the most popular coins in the future.

4. BNB

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is gaining ground in the crypto market and Binance Coin has emerged as a popular choice to invest in. The unique part of BNB is that you get a 25% discount if you trade on Binance. Also, if you have more than 500 Binance coins and you manage to get a referral, your earnings will increase by 40%.

5. USD Tether

Tether is considered as one of the stable coin because it is tied to USD as the fiat currency. So, the value of Tether will depend on the value of USD. So, if you invest in Tether when there is a bearish market, you will have the opportunity to earn big by investing a small amount.

These are the top cryptocurrency coins that can diversify your investment. Since they are already well-known in the market, it will be easier to make a profit on these instead of the other coins.