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Top Five Important Facts About hematology test


Have you ever wondered about these questions when having a hematology test? Most people relate to doing such test as if it was some type of ‘healthy habit’. But what does that really mean? Here are five facts that will allow you to understand better how these tests work and how you should prepare for them.

TOP #5: What Should I Do Before Having the Test?

You may think that simply because you ate right before the nutrients didn’t have enough time to modify your body activity.

In reality, it may depend on the type of blood test they will make you. This is why is a useful question to ask the professional beforehand to make things clear.

As a rule, fasting for 8 to 12 hours is always recommended to keep the data precise. This is a reason why most people also make this appointments in the morning before breakfast.

TOP #4:Can I compare my results with anyone?

When you compare with other people’s hematology results it is very likely that the assumptions you make from the comparison are wrong.

This is because there is a component in the test that changes depending on your personal biological condition.

For someone who had relevant diseases in hs or her credentials, for instance, you should not expect to be evaluated with the same criteria as that person.

In other words, parameters like your age, blood type, sex, your physical activity could affect the outcome. Health standards in these tests results will be different according to your specifications.

TOP #3: Can I trust the given numbers?

Maybe comparing with other people’s numbers may not be the best decision. But you can be sure that blood tests are increadibly accurate.

The interesting fact is that every day the relentless technology progress strives to create better and better medical equipments.

Most of these hematology test centers take the privilege of getting such precise measurers from companies like Bellmed.com. This is why your doctor can make even predict the behavior of a potential disease in your body with at least 98.5 % of accuracy!

TOP #2: There is so many options. What is the best test for me?

Take the CBC Test. When you are starting doing this, this is the most complete and common analysis you can receive. When taking care of our health, there is nothing better than slowly moving from the most general revisions to the most specific ones.

Also it is the best way to avoid the mistake of taking tests you don’t need to make.

As stated before, ‘Complete Blood Count’ is by far one of the most economic and fastest tests to make. In addition, it gives your tester A LOT of diagnostic information you can use later.

Mind that when having a perfect health you probably wont need to do all the other specific and complicated analysis.

TOP #1: How Often Should I Take It?

For those of us who have almost no medical experience it may look dangerous taking tests too often. Even though taking it every day may be safe (don’t do it!), there is little interest in doing that. Body does not change dramatically all of a sudden.

Taking the hematology test at least once a year is more than enough to make a good revision. In the next 24 hours you would get your results.

You’ll notice that after doing his for years makes you feel a lot more secure about your health. Once you understand the observations and follow the advice it’s really easy to prevent any problems.