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Top Liberating Activities to Help You Cope with Stress


According to the World Health Organization, over 70% of employees all around the world handle stressful situations on a regular basis at work. Adding to the stress coming from financial struggles and family obligations, most people can feel overwhelmed at times.

But, no matter if you’re battling with stress at school, work or in your private life, you are not alone. And, while you cannot always turn to professional support and help, there are still plenty of things you can do on your own to improve your mental health and get rid of the stress factors in your life.

Try meditating

Meditating has proven to be a great short-term stress relief technique that comes absolutely free and can be performed anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is close your eyes and try to block all the thoughts and inner voices that rush through your mind until you clear it completely.

The technique works better outdoors because you can get to focus on one particular sound – the humming of the birds, the wind blowing through the leaves or the river running.

You can also develop a short mantra that you repeat in your head a few times while taking slow deep breaths at the same time. This will also help you clear your head and shut down all the negativity.

In time, you will learn to perfect meditating and achieve inner peace that will help you cope with almost all stressful situations from your daily life.

Go swimming

Submerging yourself in water is one liberating and relaxing way to handle stress and stressful situations. Other ones include floating or swimming. No matter the way you choose to integrate the power of water, you will learn that it helps you calm down your mind and induce a sense of peace and tranquility.

If you want faster results, swimming is the best option because while you’re in the pool or in the sea, you’ll mainly have to focus on your hand-eye-foot coordination and try to regulate your breathing at the same time. As a result, you won’t get to think of anything else but how to avoid sinking, which will clear your mind for a while.

Enjoy aromatherapy

What can be more relaxing after a hectic day at work than to come home and enjoy a few moments alone? Aromatherapy is another method that provides almost immediate results in releasing stress from your body.

Simply take a long bath and add salts and scented oils that will stimulate your senses. Mint and peppermint are great for whenever you want to refresh, while chamomile, lavender, and even orange are perfect for when you want to unplug.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils on your pillow or rub them onto your temples and forehead to relax instantly and have a good night’s sleep.

Try new experiences

New experiences force you to get outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown, which won’t leave too much time for your brain to think about the stress factors. Thus, it wouldn’t hurt to try something new once in a while, no matter how small it may seem.

If you’re not brave enough to go bungee jumping all of a sudden, you could start with activities that require a smaller dose of adrenaline.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle can be one of them. Both amateurs and professional bikers mentioned that feeling the wind on their bodies as they head toward an empty road represents a liberating experience. Just make sure to wear protective gear at all times and learn how to properly lock your helmet before getting in the saddle.