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Top Six Business Ideas that You Can Start in 2019


Today, a significant number of people are planning to leave their daily places of work and start their businesses. Some people have realized that they are not doing work that matches their passion and values. Others feel that they are giving much energy and time to work for other people who do not value or appreciate their efforts. Moreover, people have realized that they can get something to do where they will not be answerable to other individuals.

Luckily, it is now easy to start a small business and start generating income within a few months of operations. Some companies can as well be started without spending a penny, which means that even the college students can start a small business and start generating sufficient funds to support their college life. This article has assembled some business ideas and digital asset management that you can implement without the support of a business consultant.

Booking Keeping Services

If you have proven to be good in numbers for a longer period, you can quickly become a freelance bookkeeper. Some people have a perception that you need to by a certified public accountant, which is further from the truth. The only thing that you need to have is high levels of accuracy and passion for the numbers. There are hundreds of clients out there who want to outsource their bookkeeping jobs, which means that you will never stay idle. Some of the services you should offer include creating income statements and creating balance sheets.

Marketing Services

Marketing does not involve many skills and knowledge for you to be a pro. You can amass a considerable number of followers on social platforms so that you can become a robust social influencer. It would help if you were consistent in posting valuable and informative details on social platforms. Many companies are regularly looking for individuals who can assist in promoting products and services through the online platform at a fee. You can get an online marketing course from Training.com.au, especially if you want to engage in complex marketing strategies.

Community Services

There are multiple community activities that you can consider engaging yourself, especially if you love helping other people. However, you will need some online disability training, which will not consume much your time, so that you can be able to provide professional services to the many needy individuals in society. There are other various community social services that you can help in your local community such as environmental sustainability and advocacy campaigns.

Virtual Assistant

For a longer period, many people have despised personal/virtual assistant jobs. These jobs don’t sound glamorous, which probably makes individuals turn down these offers. However, virtual assistant jobs pay well as compared to many jobs that people have been handling. Most of the virtual assistants are getting more the average wage, especially when working for a multinational company. This job does not only pay well, but it is has a lot of freedom, which is something that you will not get if you are employed.

Social Media Consultant

Becoming a social media consultant is an emerging job opportunity that does not require initial capital. You only need to open your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Make sure that your accounts have a significant number of followers. You should also follow influential people in the world. After a short period, you will start to attract interests from individuals who want to build strong social platforms. You will be offering consultancy services to both local and international clients.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a marketing strategy that has a significant relationship with social media marketing. It involves promoting products and services of another company at a commission. Basically, you will be required to get a product of your choice, after which you will perform promotional activities of the product. You will be designated to a commission from the sales resulting from your marketing efforts. One of the critical requirement that you need for you to start affiliate marketing is a personal website or an active blog.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform has quite a lot of ideas and the program to get you started.

Recent research studies indicate that a considerable number of individuals are no longer happy and comfortable in their current places of work. However, due to the fear of uncertainty, majority of them don’t want to retire from employment. Luckily, some of the business ideas with which they can start off easily have been discussed above. Following them keenly, young entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts would easily succeed in their business startups.