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Top Stress-Reducing Items All Curious Minds Can Get at Reasonable Prices

Work Stress

Stress, according to most doctors, is the number one trigger for health issues and many different conditions. This puts stress higher up the ladder than tobacco or alcohol. Stress releases chemical hormone compounds in our bodies causing a series of issues, from heartburns and cardiovascular problems to liver damage and kidney conditions. These are the physical signs of stress; the more serious issue is the psychological impact it has on a single individual.

About 73% of Americans are having psychological symptoms caused by induced stress on a regular basis. Most of the stress is work-related or can be linked to personal problems at home. Other severe cases mount up to even 33% of people who reported an increase in stress-related situations in the past 5 years and have crippling anxiety and panic attacks as a consequence. All these numbers are frightening, therefore we summed up a list of useful items at an affordable price to relieve and reduce your stress levels, and help you stay calm.


Essential oils

Essential oils have been used in stress therapies for millennia. Lavender has proven to be quite effective in reducing stress levels and calming your nerves. One particular item you might find useful is an oil diffuser. They basically dilute the essential oils within the container and burst them into the air. It has even an option of making it burst in several short intervals, with pauses between each.

People who used them reported a 12 percent reduction in stress, panic attacks, and anxiety compared to those who had a massage instead of using the diffuser. However, you might consider the item if you have pets around, as some pets do not cope well with certain oils, and of course stay away from the aromas you are sensitive to, as they can easily trigger an allergic reaction. With this in mind, enjoy the aromatherapy and let the smell of nature sink in.

Hand bands

Something completely new on the market is hand band stress relievers. They stimulate the nervous system reducing the negative consequences inflicted by it. As we all know, the triggered nervous system puts our body in survival mode, which is good in life or death situations, but on a day-to-day basis, it causes sleep deprivation and serious concentration issues. The band basically relives these induced reactions and makes you more calm, relaxed, and more focused.

Such a device is the Apollo Neuron, which, when used regularly, can effectively prevent some of the major consequences inflicted by higher levels of stress. The best part is the price, as you can get it even cheaper with the Apollo Neuro coupon code, allowing you to get it shipped to your address for free or get a 10-15% discount. It is even customizable as the phone app gives you complete control of the device, so you can schedule times during the day when you need that extra relief.

For example, before heading to work in the morning or before a workout in the evening. If you’re attempting to cut back on caffeine, it calms the nervous system and even aids in the fight against coffee cravings.

Neck and back massager

These electronic devices usually come with a USB charger and are effective in relaxing and calming you. The neck and back massager hits all the spots which are especially affected by the induced stress and helps your blood flow reducing the stiffness you feel. The therapy itself takes about 15 to 20 minutes of lying still and the result is a magical feeling of tranquillity and a drastically lower blood pressure. The item itself usually comes at a price but it found its way on the list as it is much more affordable than paying for spa treatment and a masseuse.

Hanging koala bear blanket and stress balls

The first one might be a bit unconventional but the “ toy” imitates a hug and helps you calm down. Hugs are proven to be an effective tool in reducing anxiety and even fighting depression. If, however, you do not have somebody near to give you a hug, the koala can do it instead, creating a pleasant and nice feeling, and making you feel cozy and happy. The stress balls are well known and pretty cheap.

There is some debate on how effective they are, yet research shows how in extreme conditions, especially during traffic stops or work-related pressure, the stress balls are lifesavers, preventing stress-related heart attacks or migraines.


Stress calendars and journals

A stress calendar and journal can be found in every bookstore around the corner, and are effective means in fighting that extra steam. Because writing is a pleasant activity, keeping account of all the stressful circumstances you’ve been in and how often they occurred over the day, week, or month provides you a good idea of the severity of your illness. This also aids you in making connections between specific incidents and the events that precipitated them. You can fight the source of your stress, not the symptom, by figuring out what causes it the most, and how often it happens.

Nobody will help you if you don’t help yourself. According to research, the liver releases fat into the bloodstream under stressful scenarios, generating little knots that eventually stop your heart from pumping. It’s better to avoid than treat.