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Tough And Self-Respecting Women Don’t Settle For Less Than They Deserve, Even When They Feel Lonely


Right, we get it – rolling solo means going to bed alone every night, having no one to caress you when you wake up in the morning, attending weddings alone, and blah blah blah.

But, now let me tell you something: Settling for crappy love is much lonelier than being alone.

Settling for immature, fickle, selfish people is much lonelier than rolling solo.

Unfortunately, what many people fail to understand is that being lonely is not as bad and scary as dating someone who makes you feel lonely when they’re around you. Every strong, smart, and self-respecting woman knows this. And what makes this kind of woman even more special and unique is that she doesn’t let her loneliness convince her to settle for less than she deserves.

Here’s why this is so:

1. We’re not afraid of being alone.

The thought of going to birthday parties, concerts, or weddings alone doesn’t scare us. Because we know that we are a lot more than our relationship status. We’re aware of our strength and we know that our loneliness is temporary.

We know that sooner or later we’ll find the right person for us and until that moment, we will just roll solo and live our lives to the fullest.

2. We don’t need a partner to feel complete.

If you don’t feel fulfilled, whole, and complete before you get into a relationship with someone, what makes you think that you’ll suddenly start feeling that way when you begin dating someone?

Of course, a relationship can make your life more fulfilling and exciting than it already is, but for you to feel whole and complete, well, my friend, it takes a lot more than just dating someone. Remember, wholeness is about being complete in yourself.

3. We know our worth.

No. We don’t think that we’re the prettiest, smartest, and most important women in the world. We don’t think that no one is worthy of our love and attention.

We just know how hard we have worked to get where we are in life now. We know how many times our hearts had to be broken so that we could understand that we should be very careful about who we let into them.

We know who we are, we are aware of our worth, and we’ll never let anyone or anything take that away from us.

4. We have no time to waste on crappy relationships.

We respect ourselves enough not to devote our time to some guy out there who is incapable of loving. We have no intention of wasting our energy on a guy who is irresponsible or manipulative. A guy who doesn’t deserve our attention, respect, and love.

It’s simple: We’d rather be alone than be in a one-sided, messy, toxic relationship.

5. We don’t let our relationship status determine our happiness.

We don’t search for happiness in others. Instead, we search for it in ourselves. In our qualities. In our strength. In our soul. In the depths of our being.

Besides, we’re grateful for everything we have in life. We’re grateful for the unswerving support and unconditional love our family and friends have given us. We’re grateful for every difficult challenge, problem, and pain life has thrown our way.

And last but not least, we’ve had many sh*tty relationships which have taught us that we are the only ones who are responsible for our own happiness.

6. We enjoy our own company.

Strong, confident, and self-respecting women enjoy spending time alone. When we are on our own, we explore our deepest feelings and thoughts. We reflect on our needs, priorities, goals, and desires. We reexamine our decisions. We connect with our true selves. We enjoy the silence.  And we don’t need anyone to share it with.

7. Last but not least, we don’t give a damn about what other people think of our relationship status.

“When are you going to find yourself a partner?” “All your friends are married, what are you waiting for?” SO, WHAT?

We respect ourselves enough not to care about what others think of us and our relationship status. We know there will always be someone who will judge and criticize us for the way we live our lives. But, let them think and say whatever they want to think and say.

We’ll get into a relationship when we know he’s the right person for us. When we’re sure he’s the one we deserve to be with!

Tough And Self-Respecting Women Don’t Settle For Less Than They Deserve, Even When They Feel Lonely