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10 Unexpected Traits You Will Only Find In Intelligent People


How can you tell if a person is intelligent? Or, most importantly, what is their secret? Is there some kind of a formula for intelligence?

There are no easy answers to these questions and everyone has different opinions. Some may think that intelligence is something you are born with. Others may think that you can ‘become’ intelligent over time. And there are others who think intelligence equals creativity (ref. fluid intelligence).

Whatever your opinion is, one thing is certain: Intelligent people have the same unusual traits and habits that differentiate them from ordinary people.

Here are 10 most common ones:

  1. They are leisurely slow

These people need some time to sort things out in their heads first. When they are involved in a conversation they surely take their time to respond because they try to make sense of their thoughts, and think deeply before they open their mouth and say something.

  1. Their opinions and thoughts can vary

Extremely intelligent people are prone to changing their thoughts and opinions very quickly. They are open-minded and even if they can firmly believe in something, their belief is not so rigid – they can change it with time because their brain doesn’t agree with closed opinions.

  1. They fit in the crowd

They can follow any conversation because they are quick to pick on any topic. They also understand and accept all different kinds of people and their behaviors, so they can ‘click’ with anyone.

  1. They don’t give excessive contribution

If they haven’t anything good or meaningful to say, they can be very much happy in silence.

  1. They understand that everyone makes mistakes

Extremely intelligent people are fully aware of other people’s mistakes. They are also aware of their own and they shamelessly admit their mistakes and never regret them.

  1. They trust their gut

Extremely intelligent people have a very developed intuition. They can be very sensitive about everything around them, and they follow their inner voice before making any decision.

  1. They do not seek for validation

These people don’t worry about other people’s opinions. Moreover, they don’t care about gossips, judgments, or any form of critiques towards them because they trust only their own opinions and feelings.

  1. They take action

Intelligent people value actions more than words. They themselves are not just sweet talkers, but take action instead.

  1. They are not emotional fools

These people are very calm and peaceful when dealing with any situation. They are always clear-headed and they do not let their emotions and prejudices get the best of them.

  1. They are always objective

When in argument, they don’t look to their side of the story only. Rather, they put themselves in other people’s shoes and try to view things from their perspective.