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Traveling Vegas in the Age of COVID-19: 4 Safety Tips

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It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed our lives and impacted them in many ways, however, it seems like by now, most people have gotten used to it. We are familiar with all those basic rules and restrictions because they’ve been here for two years.

Nobody has to remind you that group gatherings are not allowed in a lot of places in the world, that masks must be worn, and many other things. So what about traveling? What cities and countries are you permitted to visit, and what aren’t?

For instance, if you’re interested in seeing Las Vegas, the city of gambling and entertainment, go ahead and have fun, but still, do not forget to stay safe as much as possible. To help you out with that, below we will provide you with some safety tips that can come in handy during this trip.

Don’t Forget Social Distancing 

One of the best ways to stay safe during a pandemic, even when you’re traveling, is to practice social distancing. Even when visiting this wonderful, and always crowded city, you should still do everything you can to avoid close contact with people you do not know.

Travel shouldn’t be an excuse for irresponsible behavior. It would be recommendable to try to be at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and others. The more space you make, the better. 

Even though it is widely known that Las Vegas is loaded with crowded places, the situation may be a little bit different now during COVID-19. But even if it isn’t, and you still notice large gatherings, avoid them at all costs, especially if it’s an indoor space.

Namely, brand-new research has shown that outdoor spaces are way safer than indoor spaces. 

Masks, Masks, Masks

Masks have become a huge part of our lives now, it’s like they’ve turned into an accessory we can’t live without. Now, if you’re planning a trip to this amusing city, and you’ve already read a lot about Vegas things to do because you’re not too sure what is open and what isn’t, we’ve got some really good news for you. A few days ago, many shows, casinos, restaurants, and hotels were opened.

But still, government officials and public health professionals want to remind you that masks are still a must because they can help decrease the transmission of this virus. Wearing a mask isn’t anything too demanding, yet it can protect your well-being and health.

Not too long ago, a partial mask mandate was put into place in this city, and a majority of private businesses, such as casinos and retail stores, were demoing their patrons to wear masks while they are indoors.

If you wish to stay safe while traveling to Las Vegas, then wearing a mask is supposed to be your obligation. Besides that, there are other safety measures that can be of huge help, such as washing your hands often and doing your best to avoid touching your nose and mouth. 

Adding More Beneficial Covid-19 Related Tips

Make Sure To Stay Safe While Using Transportation

If you’re planning to use any form of transportation, then you’re going to have to be very careful, plus conduct some research to see what goes where and when. Bear in mind that some transportation alternatives in this city are currently operating on a decreased schedule.

Whenever you’re going somewhere (especially if we’re talking about a huge city like Las Vegas is), then planning transportation must be part of the trip, especially now during COVID-19 when the situation is a bit more complex.

Wherever you go, just make sure that the transportation you’ll be using is secure, safe, and properly sanitized, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ll be utilizing a train, or bus, do not forget to wear the mask while in these vehicles. 

Always Stay Familiar With The Latest News!

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the situation with this virus is changing all the time, and you’re never quite too sure what to expect the next day. Namely, Clark County recorded the highest level of brand-new cases last year in July.

The situation is a bit better, for the time being, however, this just goes to show that you can never predict anything. Therefore, it’s important to stay up to date and what’s great is the fact that the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority is constantly publishing the latest updates.

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Everybody has learned by now that staying safe is more than welcome no matter where you go and what you do. These tips that were provided here are the most basic ones and must definitely be followed if you want to ensure you’re okay.