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Treat Anxiety by Cannabis


Cannabis or Marijuana as it is widely known for is a plant which contains a psychoactive chemical called cannabinoids. It tricks the brain to produce hormones that makes users feel relaxed and happy. There different chemical compounds found in cannabis but there two major chemicals playing bigger roles, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the cannabinol (CBD). THC gives an effect that makes the user feel hungry and nauseous while the CBD gives the calm and relaxed feeling. Those two compounds can be found in different types of Cannabis, so users should be educated on what kind of Marijuana they are using. THC may be stronger that CBD but both can help users with pain. This may be one of the reasons why, based on research, 22 % of Americans buy weed online for relaxation or as an anti-depressant. They are not to blame, because unlike coffee and cigarettes, marijuana is one healthy option to be calm and focused. Various researches also say that Cannabis strains like Blackberry Kush strain can help lessen anxiety.

Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis has different effects depending on how you ingest it. You can mix it with your cookie or brownie and you can also buy some gummies that has marijuana in it. The effects also vary depending on people. Some people that have chronic kidney and lung diseases are not advisable to use cannabis as it will not help their recovery. People who will undergo surgery will also not be advised to use it because it can affect the effect of anesthesia.

The following are some of the positive effects:

Relaxed – Ingesting any kind of Cannabis can make you feel relaxed and calm. It also helps people with anxiety to not feel anxious at all times. Some people with epilepsy also use cannabis to lessen the seizures they are experiencing.

Heightened Senses – Some people who use cannabis feels their senses heightened. They can see colors more bright, they can smell odors more fragrant and their ears become sensitive to sound.

Reduced Pain – Marijuana users also claim that cannabis is a big help when you have chronic pain. It also alleviates head ache and back aches for stressed people. The fact that it tricks the brain to produce happy hormones lessens the pain.

Hungry – Cannabis can make you feel hungry, thus makes it a possibility for it to help people with eating disorder. It applies to those with Bulimia or Anorexia; people who struggle with eating because they are afraid to gain weight.

Negative effects:

Nausea – Too much dosage of cannabis can trigger palpitation and next is nausea. Just like anything, too much consumption of weed is bad. It can from nausea to hallucinations and worse is losing of consciousness.

Anxiety – Although already proven that cannabis can help lessen anxiety, there are chances that it can also worsen it. Dependence on any drug is negative and is not advisable so people should really research first or ask a doctor knowledgeable about it before consuming too much of it.

Memory Loss – People who are becoming dependent to Cannabis can experience memory loss. It is already mentioned that weed can make you feel relax, but it also makes you forget the sense of time and importance of things because of how relax it can make you feel. It is still good that we feel pressure sometimes because it makes us feel alive.


          When using cannabis, we should still know how to balance life and relaxation. It is good that we discover something that helps us find our inner peace when thing go chaotic, but we should know that this chaotic world we live in is still the real. But how do we balance the use of Cannabis?

  1. Moderation – Anything that we eat or do is good as long as we know how to convince ourselves that it should only be used in moderation. Cannabis on the other hand, should be used in moderation to prevent dependence and addiction. We should remember that when it becomes an addiction it is not helpful anymore.
  2. Consultation – People who use or will use cannabis should have a consultation with an expert first. Ask a doctor who understands the benefits that cannabis can give you so you will be educated on how you will handle using it.
  3. Educate – If you do not have the means to consult an expert before using cannabis, you can also do research. It will help you become more aware regarding the negative and positive effects of using it. You might also find support groups who will be there for you when times get rough and when using weed is already becoming your problem and not a solution

Difference between THC and CBD

THC and CBD are substances that is present in Marijuana. Products labelled with THC and CBD varies from food, relaxing oils and even sex toys. Tetrahydrocannabinol or widely known as THC is a substance that can be found in cannabis. This substance, when concentrated and consumed in large dosage, can make someone feel high. The high feeling includes hallucinations and irregular heart rate sometimes. On the other side, Cannabinol or popularly known as CBD, has a lighter effect. Users who prefer CBD are mostly people with anxiety and are just in need of relaxation. So in conclusion, both can help people to relax but THC can have a negative effect when not used moderately.


Cannabis can be ingested in different ways. The ways are as follows:

  1. Smoking – Some are using cannabis like cigarettes. Putting it in rolling paper can make it look and feel like a cigarette
  2. Eating- People are mixing weed with food too, mostly desserts. Eating it can also slow down its effect, which is why some people prefer it.
  3. Sublingual – This method is used by people who does not want to ingest marijuana but wants to feel its effect. One example of this method is using pain reliever strips mixed with marijuana that dissolves into the skin when applied. The user did not ingest it, but they can feel the effect because they use it in their body.
  4. Topical- This is a like the sublingual but it applies to those who use lotion or ointment mixed with marijuana.

Decline Effect of Cannabis

          The long term effect of Cannabis depends on how much the usage is. People who use it moderately and only when needed feel happy and contented with the help that they get, but people who abuse it tend to be more like drug addicts. There are kids with skin problems who use ointments infused with marijuana to help cure their allergy. That is a topical method that does not affect the nervous system which results to a healthy long term marijuana user. Those people who use marijuana as a cigarette can encounter more long term issues because the effect is within the brain. At the end of the day, it still depends on how much the user use or abuse the chemical.


            In conclusion to this, it still depends on the user if they will abuse the magic of Cannabis in healing mental and physical health. Everything should still be used in moderation in order to have a balance lifestyle. Cannabis is not good for everybody so a visit to your doctor or therapist is still a big help in determining the solution to your anxiety and other health problems. In the end, it is your decisions that will either make you fly high or drop low.