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Tricks Your Body Has Been Hiding From You – Part 1


Our bodies are a universe for themselves. There are so many useful things and tricks we still don’t know about, but thanks to the scientists who work tirelessly on exploring and analyzing the functions of our bodies, we can say for sure that the functions that our bodies have been hiding for us are now available at our disposal to make our lives easier.

Here’s a list of tricks that your body has been hiding from you.

1. Don’t Let That Throat Tickle

The throat is connected with the ears and the nose through channels and nerves and they function together and are dependent on each other. If your throat starts tickling, you most likely start coughing to scratch that itch, but there’s no need to do that since there is a much easier way to cure that nuisance. Scratch your ear, and see for yourself. The ear has nerve endings which when stimulated can cause a muscle spasm in the throat which will in terms relieve the tickle.

2. Enhance Your Hearing Sense

If you go to loud parties and want to hear every word being told to you, you already have the ability to do so! Lean your right ear towards the speaker and it will do the job. The right ear is connected to the left hemisphere which is responsible for speech recognition, which means the information you’re trying to receive will go directly to the right place. On the other hand, if you are trying to hear a soft tune playing, you just turn your left ear to the direction of the sound. Your ear will recognize that information more easily since it is connected to your right hemisphere responsible for music, melodies and rhythm.

3. Swallow Horse-Sized Pills

If you have the honors of taking enormous pills (and that is more than one), you can save yourself from taking them one at a time with the help of this trick. Take the pills and then take the water, but before going to the next step of leaning your head backwards to swallow them, do this: Lean your head forward and let the pills float to the back of your mouth cavity. This will help you swallow them more easily since they will be the first ones to go down your throat.

4. Clear A Stuffed Nose

We all know how annoying a stuffed nose can be, but you don’t need a run to the pharmacy to help with that problem anymore. You already have the mechanism in your body waiting to be used. Thrust your tongue alternately against the roof of your mouth and then press between your eyebrows with one finger. This causes the bone that runs through the nasal passage to your mouth to rock back and forth and loosen the congestion. After 20 seconds, your sinuses will start to drain.

5. Stop a Nose from Bleeding

Don’t tilt your head back. The swallowed blood that may run to the back of your throat can irritate the stomach and make you vomit, which will worsen the nosebleed even further. On the contrary, lean your head forward and pinch the soft part of your nose where nosebleeds usually occur. Holding your nose like this for 10 minutes can stop a nosebleed since most nosebleeds stop after 10 minutes of direct pressure. Some cold can help too, you can apply a pack of ice on your nose and cheeks while pinching your nose as cold will constrict the veins. Don’t forget to hold your nose for at least 10 minutes without releasing. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, repeat for another 10 minutes. Afterwards, don’t blow your nose and rest for some time.

These, and so many more tricks to help you use your body to the fullest. Stay put for another series of 5 on our list of tricks that your body has been hiding from you.