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Tricks Your Body Has Been Hiding From You – Part 3


In Part II, we learned some really useful tricks, but that’s not where the list ends. Here we come with 5 more which will definitely make your body work to your advantage:

  1. Overcome Your Urge to Pee 

When you just have to go to the toilet, but there is no toilet near, the best way to overcome the urge is to think of whatever turns you on. You can preoccupy your brain by thinking about sex and sexual fantasies and that way you won’t feel so much discomfort. Do you remember ever having to pee during a passionate sexual intercourse? 

  1. Fight Acid Reflux so You Can Go to Bed Easily 

Have you ever had such a bad acid reflux that you couldn’t go to bed because of it? You can use gravity and your body to your advantage – just sleep on your left side. The stomach and esophagus are connected at a certain angle that when you sleep on your right side the stomach is higher than the esophagus and this allows food and stomach acid to slide up your throat. This means that when you lie down on your left side, gravity and organ positioning won’t allow any acid to crawl back to your throat. 

  1. Don’t Let the Burns Turn Into Blisters 

If you get burnt on the stove, don’t panic since you’ve had the remedy against blisters with you all along. Just clean the skin (do not use alcohol!) and apply gentle pressure on the burnt spot with the fingers of your other hand. This way you bring the burned skin to a natural temperature and because of that it is less likely to blister. If you are impatient or the pain is just unbearable to do this, try apple cider vinegar and see the wonders for yourself. 

  1. Relieve a Migraine in an Instant 

Who needs pills for that when you have yourself and your fabulous body to do the trick? To get rid of a headache, just pinch down on the muscle on the web of your hand between the thumb and index finger (place your thumb on the back of your hand and the forefinger under), hold the pressure for 2 minutes and repeat. Most headaches and migraines ease after 4 minutes. 

  1. Relieve a Toothache 

The exact same spot where we cure out headaches is responsible for toothaches as well. You see this spot has nerve endings that stimulate apart of the brain that blocks pain in the head area. So how to relieve the toothache? Apply ice on the V shaped area between your thumb and index finger at the back of your hand. This trick can reduce pain up to as much as 50 percent.

And this is not the end of our list! Our bodies have so many secrets to tell us and the next 5 are coming in Part IV. See you there!