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Tricks Your Body Has Been Hiding From You – Part 4


In the last part, you saw solutions of painful and uncomfortable scenarios related to our bodies, here you’ll see some quite interesting tricks to teach your body so it works for you instead of you working for it. Stay put for another series of 5 coming up.

  1. Get Those Pins and Needles Out of Your Limb 

If you thought that the pins and needles you sometimes get in your limbs are because of bad sitting position, you aren’t far from the truth. It’s not the position of the limb that causes this feeling to occur, but rather the position of neck. The tingly and prickly feeling you get comes as a result of compression in the bundle of nerves in your neck and when that compression gets loosened, the feeling goes away by itself. So next time just rock your head gently, make a circular movement with it from shoulder to shoulder and relax your neck. 

  1. Run and Jog Free of Pain 

Have you ever got a side stich while running? It can just kill all the fun in your favorite activity, can’t it? This happens because of breathing in combination with running. If you exhale as your right foot hits the ground, your liver gets downward pressure because of which it tugs at the diaphragm and creates a side stich. So next time you decide to go running or jogging, exhale with your left foot hitting the ground. 

  1. Stop That Dizzy Carrousel 

Feeling a bit tipsy and dizzy? As alcohol dilutes blood, it does the same to the fluid in the part of the ear responsible for balance. This fluid, in which the cupula floats, has the same density as blood when diluted the cupula rises higher. This confuses the brain and it gives you that sense of dizziness. In that case, give your brain a second option. Put your hand on something stable. The nerves in the hands are very sensitive and they will send a proper signal of balance and stability to the brain. 

  1. Flex Your Vision 

If you have poor distance vision, know that it’s not always the genes to blame for it. Near-sightedness is usually the result of tension in the eye muscle and this can be caused by staring at something at a close distance for too long, say the computer screen or the smartphone you are staring at right now. You can flex your vision with a simple trick. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, tense your body – every muscle of it – and after a few seconds release as you breathe out. Tightening and releasing muscles you can control can trick those you don’t have control over to relax as well – like the eye muscles. Do this every few hours during the day and start seeing the world with a clearer picture. 

  1. Improve Your Long-Term Memory 

How many new things did you learn by now? If you want to remember information better, read it before you go to sleep. This is the most natural way of long-term memory encoding as the brain processes all the information gathered from the day during sleep. This is just one of the reasons why you need a good night’s sleep. So next time you need to remember something for tomorrow’s test, speech, exam, or just to remember it because it’s useful, read it before you go to bed and get a good sleep.

This is just one way to flex your memory. There are many more and we will post an article specially dedicated to long-term memory encoding.

Until then, we hope these tricks have been useful for you and we encourage you to use them every day and take full control over your body.