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True Love Is About Accepting And Cherishing Your Partner The Way They Are, Not Changing Them


True love knows no conditions, limits, and hidden motives.

When two people truly love each other, they evolve into better versions of themselves.

When two people are driven by honest, deep, unconditional love, they accept each other the way they are. They love their significant other for their real self. They’re aware of their virtues, merits, and successes, and they support and motivate them to never stop growing and pursuing their goals.

Yet, they’re also aware of their quirks, weaknesses, fears, and problems, but they don’t shame them for these. They don’t make them feel weak and unworthy. Instead, they accept and cherish all their faults because they make and are an inseparable part of the person they love the most.

Many of us have been in a relationship in which we were not driven by true love, but by other motives. We selfishly loved someone, or I should better say we loved the perfect image of them that we created in our mind, not their real self. We fell for the person we wanted them to be, not the person they really were.

But, thinking that we have the right to control someone’s life and change them so as to fit the ideal is not only an unfair and inconsiderate thing to do, but wrong too.

We all have imperfections and our own gaps to fill. And that’s perfectly normal. So, why then most people feel scared to fall in love with a person’s real self?

There’s more than one answer. For example, maybe we feel insecure about ourselves and we don’t want to admit that. Or maybe we’re afraid that they’ll project their insecurities and fears onto us, and perhaps even hurt us.

However, instead of looking for what needs to be changed about them, just let yourself fall in love with them without focusing on their imperfections.

Because as time goes by, you’ll see that both of you change with each other’s help and support. Because when the love you feel for each other is pure, deep, and unconditional, you motivate each other to work on and improve yourself, reach your full potential, and pave confidently the path to your happiness and success.

When your love is true, you inspire each other to become the best versions of yourselves. You try to be the person your partner deserves and the other way round.

You never try to make each other change and become someone you’re not.

You never judge and criticize each other when your opinions, ideas, and plans differ.

You make a balance between your needs and those of your partner.

You give each other space to pursue your goals and passions.

You’re willing to make compromises and sacrifices if you know this will bring benefit to the other person and the relationship.

You learn to work as a team of two mature, independent grownups.

You love each other wholeheartedly and fiercely. You love each other on your good days and on days when you’re sad, disappointed, cranky, or sick.

You love them when they achieve their goals and make you feel proud of them. But, you also love and are there for them when they fail.

Because you understand that we all fail and have quirks, annoying habits, weaknesses, and fears, and that only by accepting them as a part of us, we’ll be able to accept those of our partner.

Only when you love yourself unconditionally, you’re able to love your beloved unconditionally as well.