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The Truth About Why Native Americans Keep Their Hair Long


What’s your hairstyle? Do you like your hair long or short? Back in the old civilizations, hair was considered to be a very important part of the body, attributing its length to inner strength, spiritual power, and energetic connection.

As Dr. Birendra Kaur points, “the natural intelligence of our body is to maintain its hairs.” Each body has its own requirement as to how long these hairs should be, and once that requirement is met, hair stops growing.

Science has shown that people with long hair tend to be more energetic, less tired, and have lower likeliness of becoming depressed. These people can also conserve energy better and can endure cold better than those with short hair.

This is because a portion of the body’s energy is reserved for the growth of hair, which is thus used if you have short hair. It has been estimated that people who cut their hair over their lifetime force their body to grow 22 meters of new hair. On the other hand, those who keep their hair produce only 1.5 meters of hair over their lifetime.

Hair bears special attributions to one’s ability when left to fully grow. This is something ancient civilizations knew too well.

In fact, even the Bible speaks of Samson’s strength, which he lost after Delilah cut his hair. Another example is what Genghis Khan did to the conquered people of China – he cut their hair and made them wear bangs over their forehead (to inhibit their spiritual potential).

But perhaps the best example of how much power long hair can give to a person is that of the Indian people.

During the Vietnam War, special forces in the military department sent out undercover experts to trace and recruit Indian trackers that exhibited outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities.

Once convinced and recruited, the Indian trackers amazingly ‘lost’ their extraordinary abilities. Their talents seemed to have mysteriously disappeared and they failed in what they were best at.

This led the government to conduct expensive testing in order to find out why and how the trackers lost their abilities – and this is what they found:

Once interviewed about their failure to perform, the recruits consistently said that since they had received their required military haircut, they hadn’t been able to ‘sense’ the enemy, their ‘intuition’ had become unreliable, and they couldn’t ‘read’ the subtle signs.

So, the testing institute recruited more trackers and allowed them to retain their hair length. After being tested in several areas, the researchers paired two men who received the same scores together and gave one of them a military haircut.

Now, they were to retake the tests. The recruit with the long hair excelled in each test, every time he did it. However, the recruit with the short hair failed the same tests, in which he had previously scored with high results.

It was concluded that the trackers’ long hair attributed to their extraordinary abilities, and the research results recommended that all Indian trackers be exempt from the military haircuts, requiring that trackers keep their hair long.

This and many other examples only shows as to how much we tend to underestimate the importance of our body’s natural intelligence. We tend to follow trends and fashions that don’t pay too much attention to our natural form and needs.

The thing is, every part of our body has a solid reason for being there, and hair is not excluded.

It has been concluded that the hair has a special property of providing an information highway which reaches the brain. It also has the property of emitting the electromagnetic energy from the brain into the environment.

Cutting it results in hampering its ability to receive and send transmissions from and to the environment. This in turn numbs you out and makes you less aware of many things around you, while your body is struggling to regrow it back to its intended length.

Source: QuantumBalancing