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Try To Make The Biggest Possible Number By Moving Only 2 Matches


This one is a task that requires a lot of creativity and thinking out of the box. For some, there will always be a simple solution, while others try to find their way around the matches and struggle to choose the best 2.

But how big of a number can you make when the only limit is not to move more than 2 matches?

Look at the image below and take your time to think up the biggest number you can create. Remember – a maximum of 2 matches!

And now, let’s see how far you got.


The highest possible 3-digit number you can make out of these matches is 999.

Simply move the two matches in the second and third digit.

This is an answer most would easily get, if they think in the box. But what if you got out of the box, took a stroll, and came up with an even bigger number?

Here’s what else could happen:


Number 51181

Take out the top and bottom matches from the middle zero and place them at the end of the number.



Number 81151

This one’s trickier: You take those same matches from the zero and place them at the beginning of the sequence. Then flip the image upside down.

And that’s not all! Here come the most brilliant ones!


Number 5 to the power of 118

Take the same two matches from the zero and form the power sign (^). 



Take the match from the middle of the 8 and use it as a division sign. What you get with this equation is infinity. 

What number did you get? Did you think of the last answers? You remember the rules, though, the only rule is to move a maximum of 2 matches.

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