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Twin Babies Discover Bath Time in a Cute and Hilarious Video


Babies’ world is awesome. They discover new things all the time and everything is exciting to them. Even the bath. And if they are twins, everything is much more exciting and more interesting.

Babies are really precious and you can have a lot of fun with them. But only parents know the chaos that they can create during bath time. Bathing can often be fun and playful and you can feel like a child again with your kids while doing it.

But it can also be exhausting at times because of the cleaning afterwards. Imagine going through all of that with two babies. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it?

Indeed, twins are double as troubling and they demand double the attention. However, they are also double the fun. Something so mundane as sleeping can easy become an adventure if one of them is awake. Similarly, bathing baby twins is epic by itself. One video compilation illustrates this in a perfect way.

Everyone can use a daily doze of baby laughter and this video has plenty of babies and inspires a lot of laughing. It features twin babies doing silly things while taking baths. They are bathing, playing, sneezing and farting and they are hilarious.