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Twin Boys With Down Syndrome Are Inspiring Social Media Users

twins with down syndrome

Parents have a tendency to post tons of cute photos of their toddlers on social media.

Well, parents Julie and Dan McConnel are undoubtedly no exception to this. Their twin boys Charlie and Milo are social media stars.

These adorable twin boys live in Nampa and they both have Down syndrome. 

Having children with this condition can be challenging for parents, but Julie and Dan were undoubtedly ready and fearless to take the journey that now resembles the most colorful and wonderful adventure.

Charlie and Milo are proof that being different means being unique. And the McConnel family certainly knows how to embrace uniqueness in a way which steals people’s hearts on social media.

The McConnels frequently post pictures and videos of the twins on their Facebook profile, which has thousands of followers. One photo was captioned “Even with the same birthday, having shared the same room (womb😆) for the first 9 months of life and having the same diagnosis, Charlie and Milo are as different as any two little boys could be! And we love that about them!

“Let’s all celebrate differences, ok? It is our differences that make the world beautiful!”


The reason Julie and Dan have decided to share photos of their twin boys on social media is that they want to help erase the stigma attached to this condition. While it’s true that there’re many challenges involved with raising children with Down syndrome, there is even more joy to be found in the journey too.

Mom Julie said in a statement:

“My hope is to attract families that are receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child because that can be really scary. I hope that people will find us, and see that this is what life can be like. It can be fun, it’s full of love, it’s not scary. We have no regrets, and there is so much joy in our lives, and I hope that people will see that.”

The McConnel family’s goal is to establish a community for those parents that don’t know as much about Down syndrome so as to help them understand this condition and realize how much excitement and love it can provide.


Twin Boys With Down Syndrome Are Inspiring Social Media Users