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Two ways to improve your community’s wellbeing

improve your community's wellbeing

We all belong to a community. Whether that community consists of neighbors you see at a cookout, students you sit with in class, or colleagues you see daily, we are all a part of a greater system. You might have heard the phrase “it takes a village,” which usually translates to raising a child or reaching success. Either way, we know we don’t achieve our goals alone. 

Unfortunately, individuals who are trying to improve their overall well-being might come up against a community that doesn’t want to change. How then can we implement positive change in our personal communities that allow us to grow?

This article will explore two simple ideas to inspire ourselves and our wider community to create change.

#1 Share Your Gifts

Passionate people inspire others. It is important to share our hobbies, expertise, and what makes us excited to be alive. There are many ways you can raise the collective energy of the people around you simply by talking about the things you love!

Some ideas for sharing your gifts and passions with others:

  • Plan informal get-togethers: An informal and fun way to begin creating a community event is to open your door to a small group of people. Keep it simple like a viewing party and potluck event where you watch a sports event or the premiere of a long-loved TV show. Those who are intrigued will take you up on your offer, and you might just deepen your connection with someone in your community. This is a fun and intimate way to really get to know the people in your community so you can plan future events together!
  • Teach community events: Bringing your skillset to your community will allow you to talk about something you love while educating others! If you find joy while painting, fishing, or hiking, an easy way to get your community involved is to give them a chance to be involved. If you don’t have a physical community to share your hobbies, you might consider communing with like-minded people online or in chat rooms while trying to meet new people face-to-face.
  • Volunteer: A great way to inspire and uplift your own community is to be a part of it. Whether you plant a community garden, organize a food or clothing drive, or simply mow your neighbor’s lawn, acts of service will lift your community’s spirits and create change. If you are already community-minded, you might consider taking it one step further.  Studying a master of social work online will greatly enhance your skillset and make an inspiring change in your career path.

#2 Lead a Community Wellness Exercises

  • Meditate together: If you are on a self-development journey, you have likely already meditated and have received the benefits. To further connect with and inspire your community, create a monthly or weekly day to meet for meditation. You can meet over Zoom or in person and gently lead your peers through a meditation or mindfulness exercise. This will likely result in deeper connections with your friends while bettering the mental health of your entire community.
  • Do yoga together: Invite others to become mindful and physically fit through yoga. There are many donation-based classes offered in parks and yoga studios, giving others the chance to learn how to do yoga for a price they can afford. Check out options on Meetup, a social app for meeting like-minded people! Doing yoga together will increase endorphins and lower cortisol levels, making everyone happier and more relaxed.
  • Walk together: Getting outside together is a great way to connect with nature, increase cardiovascular health, and get more of those happy hormones flowing. Walking or hiking allows time to talk with your community and get to know them deeper. 

Take Away 

Inciting positive change in your community only takes a little initiative and creativity. Organizing community events like enrichment activities, group hikes, and service projects are great ways to get started!