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What Type Of Drunk You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign


Getting drunk has, let’s say, particular effects on the behavior. And in a crowd of drunk people, you’ll notice that everyone behaves somewhat differently from the rest.

There you’ll find people who suddenly won’t shut up or some who begin to dance like crazy, and perhaps even those who like to cry the alcohol out.Well, you can thank your zodiac for your drunken behavior.

Here’s what you are most likely to do when drunk according to your zodiac sign:

  1. ARIES – No Filter



These challengers will never refuse a drinking game, and will, of course, try to win it. It will get them drunk, however, and when it does, they are quite entertaining to be around. When an Aries gets drunk, they become unruly and careless. While they have good intentions, their sharp tongues will spit out some truths. So be ready for some honest truth.

  1. TAURUS – Giddily Happy



A Taurus takes their drinking to a whole new happy level, making sure everyone laughs with them as well. And when drunk, they aren’t quite the example of prim and proper. Instead, you’ll see them being all giddy and clumsy – especially if there is someone they love there. But don’t worry too much, as laughter is a cure for everything.

  1. GEMINI – Very Chatty



It’s not like they aren’t the talkers but when drunk, they especially love talking. Besides being masters at flirting, a Gemini will gladly have a heart to heart with whoever is in the mood for it. In this state, they get exceptionally sentimental and open about their feelings. This is ideal for those who are tired of them constantly hiding their emotions but can be quite annoying for a sober person.

  1. CANCER – Igniter



It’s very difficult for a Cancer to say no, and they find those who say no as being difficult. With their heavy drinking and party-animal personality, they will most likely be all over the place. Although this is not what many would prefer, the Cancer will always buy them back with their flirty nature.

  1. LEO – Hoofer



Even if a Leo might be shy to dance when sober (which is not always the case), some alcohol gets them started for a night spent on a dancefloor. The combination of alcohol and music is a weakness they can’t fight, and they won’t think twice before they jump out of their place and dance till the rest of the night. They like to play daring games, but they handle themselves well when drunk, so they won’t cross the line. This is the reason why they may not admit that they are drunk.

  1. VIRGO – Dirty Tongue



Virgos are usually cautious and methodical. This is why they don’t prefer getting drunk, and if they do, they’ll do it for the buzz and the good feeling. They don’t like crowded places like clubs or bars, so they will choose a more chilled spot with close friends. Though not typical for a Virgo to get drunk, when they are drunk, expect some vulgarity and cursing.

  1. LIBRA – No Control



Being the life of the party, Libras usually forget themselves and drink until they pass out. Their lack of control can lead them to many random and awkward situations, but they don’t really regret anything related to their drunken behavior.

  1. SCORPIO – Sarcastic



What many would perceive as trying to be a smart ass is, in fact, Scorpio’s wit and sarcasm coming to the surface under the influence of alcohol. This behavior might offend some, but they won’t care less (until the next day, when they will obsess themselves over it but won’t apologize). When drunk, the Scorpio loves to show off and will leave either too early or stay until the last call.

  1. SAGITTARIUS – Spontaneous



It’s in the nature of a Sagittarius to be spontaneous and fun. But when it comes to drinking, they take this to a whole new level. Their carefree personality comes to the surface and takes over, making them prone to getting into some arguments with other drunks. But really, they don’t give a damn about what others think, so they often tend to put their foot in their mouth.

  1. CAPRICORN – Classy



Capricorns are cautious drinkers, as they won’t allow their drunken behavior to harm the reputation they care about so much. They are aware of their limits, and they will always go at least one bit below the limit. However, when they do drink, they can drink heavily. Even when drunk, they will be careful not to jeopardize their reputation, but don’t instruct them what to do (or not do). They can drink a lot, and will always be soberer than the rest.

  1. AQUARIUS – Overstating



When drunk, you will see an Aquarius telling some fascinating stories while being silly and goofy. And just to make sure that the story is interesting for everyone, they won’t hesitate to exaggerate it and spice it up. They like to create lasting memories out of everything, so don’t be surprised to find them taking photos of every second of the night.

  1. PISCES – Audacious



When drunk, you will see a Pisces looking for any small reason to grab another drink. And if they don’t have a built-up tolerance to alcohol, they become very messy and daring. They will either be the last ones standing or will pass out from all the drinking. This audacious drunk state is what makes people consider putting them as DD, just so that they don’t have to put up with them later.

While drinking is fun, you should be careful not to exceed any limit, especially when you need to drive back home. Drink responsibly and keep up the good fun!

Source: WhiskeyRiff