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This Type Of Man Is The Best Lover (In Bed And Out Of It), According To Research


It can be tricky for men to know what women want in bed. Most men will fall into the trap of all the porn related media that is mainly based on the exploitation of women and gain a false perception of women’s desires.

Luckily, one group of researchers are confident that they finally discovered what men’s traits and behaviors turn on women and give them the best experience in bed.

So, if you want to become the best lover she’s ever had, here are the 5 crucial things that you need to do for your woman.


A man’s scent is far more important than his physical appearance when it comes to how good he is in bed. This is because the man’s scent triggers sexual arousal in their partner and they immediately perceive him as a better lover.

So, next time you are heading out be sure to splash on some sexy cologne on you that she will surely love. Plus, if you choose a unique scent, she will associate that smell with you and this is an easy way to be sure that she will be thinking about you even when you are not together.


Many characteristics of men are more attractive to women than attractiveness. For instance, a man’s sense of humor is one of the most important ones. Women love men who can make them laugh.

If you can make a woman laugh, consider yourself golden. By making her laugh, she would feel more comfortable and relaxed with you and this leads to an amazing sex afterward. ????


You can’t be considered a great lover if you are not genuine and faithful first. Women don’t prefer womanizers or guys that would do anything just to get attention. Women want a man who is truly interested in them and only in them. They want to see a future with him.

Also, women notice how you treat other people in your life because to her, that is an indicator of how you would treat her in the future. Stay faithful to her and she will reward you by being her only one as well.


Men who show their creative side are more open to communication and being intimate than men who don’t have any creative side or hobby. Women prefer men who have many interests, not just sports and beer.

So, if you want to inspire more passion in the bedroom and in your relationship, indulge yourself in some activities that will broaden your mind and spirit. Your newfound spontaneity and an adventurous side will make you an even better lover.


Becoming a better lover means something more than just physical intimacy. Men who are excellent conversationalists, passionate adventure-seekers, and men who don’t fear commitment but embrace it – are the best lovers a woman can have. Better than those who just go on sulking though life and looking for their next sexual prey.

When you have your act together, you are immediately more attractive to women. When you are always finding ways to make your woman happy (and not just in the bedroom), you can say that you are her best lover.