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Types of Crossbow bolts


For writing this article, we did sound research to provide you with an authentic piece of information about the Crossbow bolts. In our previous article, we discussed about the Top Crossbow Broadheads. Here, we will further discuss about the Crossbow bolts.

Besides all discussions, a brief introduction about Crossbows is pertinent to mention here for guiding you in the right way.

What are the crossbows?

When we talk about the elastic ranged weapons, the crossbow is not ignorable there.  This elastic ranged weapon is specifically designed for hunting.

To some extent of working and designing, the crossbows are similar to the bows. The crossbows are having the same launching principle as the bows but there is a little bit difference between these two hunting weapons regarding mechanism.

In bows, for pulling the archer, you will have to use the strength of your arms and back muscles. While on the other hand, crossbows are designed with a mechanism where you will have to use less effort.

This mechanism is well-known as the locking mechanism. In that instance of mechanism, the shooter’s exertion could only be limited by pulling the string into the lock. After that, you only need to release the shot correctly through depressing the lever.

For a crossbowman, longer handling is more required than a stronger physical strain. In the context of physical strain, it’s quite easier to handle.

A short history of crossbows

In this article, we are also going to shed light on a brief history of crossbows. Historically, they played a crucial role in East Asian and European warfare. In the earliest terms, the crossbows were invented by the ancient Chinese.

It was a comforting replacement of a traditional bow and arrow. In the case of playing a traditional bow and arrow, every player needs special training. On the other hand, a specific physical strain is significantly required for handling the target and playing well.

Before knowing more about the crossbow, its bolts and the types of bolts, following are the crossbow parts which are important to be known


Parts of a crossbow are listed below


Raiser is the part of the crossbow where you will find the limb is attached there.

Cocking stirrup

Cocking stirrup is the place where the archer puts his foot. He puts his foot into the stirrup for preventing the bow from getting slipped while cocking.


The barrel is a part which is commonly made of aluminum or polymer. The arrow gets a perfect alignment from a grooved track which is designed on the top of the weapon.

Secondly, it also maintains the consistent accuracy of string which keeps the performance excellent.  


Wood or composite material is used to design the stock. You will get it available in many configurations.


Limbs in a crossbow could be compound or curved. A recurve crossbow will have long limbs and also a longer barrel to deliver power.

Its power delivering functioning is almost similar to a compound crossbow.

Latch mechanism

Latch mechanism in the crossbow is designed to capture the string when the crossbow is let to be drawn. The latch is the only part that keeps holding the string in the place correctly until it gets released by the trigger. 


Sight Bridge

Sight Bridge is designed to hold the sight.  

Arrow retention Spring 

Arrow retention spring holds the arrow in the track until the trigger releases the latch mechanism. 


Safety is also the part of the crossbow that prevents the arrow from releasing accidentally. It might be engaged automatically or manually while cocking the crossbow.

Few crossbows have a dual safety system.


Always keep a loaded crossbow pointed in a safe direction because safety is only a mechanical device. It could be subjected to failure.

After knowing about the Top Crossbow Broadheads, in this article, we are going to explain about the types of Crossbow Bolts

What is a Crossbow Bolt?

A crossbow bolt is a quarrel or arrow that is used in this hunting weapon. The bolts are designed with typically square heads. The bolts are commonly different in length and you will find the bolts traditionally shorter than traditional or typical arrows.

Most of the crossbow shoot bolts are also known as crossbow quarrels. These are commonly made with hardwood. The bolts’ front end is made with a specific kind of steel.

Crossbow Bolts’ length

The crossbow bolts’ length is measured between 12 inches to 17.5 inches.



Two-sided vanes

Mostly, crossbow bolts are fitted with the two-sided vanes. These vanes are 180 degrees apart from each other. A lot of bolts are designed with 3 side vanes.

2 of them are facing sides and one is located on the top of both vanes.

Common bolt dimensions are in the following

  • Length should be 12.5 inches
  • The head length is measured as 3 inches
  • Length of the backend but is normally found as ½ inches

Following are the types of Crossbow bolts

Military Crossbow bolts

The Military crossbow bolts are what kind of bolts. Before explaining about the military crossbow bolts, I have heard and researched about the Top Crossbow Broadheads.  Exactly, in this way, now I have researched about the military bolts.

The military crossbow bolts are designed to increase the range and accuracy. Their pyramidal head is more dynamic than the broadheads.

Moreover, these bolts have square-faced heads.

Slurbow bolts

The Slurbow is widely considered as the type of the crossbow which is designed with a metal or a wood barrel. These types of slur bows are arguably influenced by the invention or emergence of the pistol.

Slur bow bolts are coming out with the findings of the advanced hunters those were eagerly fond of having the perfect bolts for hunting. The slur bow bolts are sized correctly to meet the right speed that is prerequisite for an excellent hunting game.


After discussing the types of Crossbow bolts, now its turn to discuss a few approved Crossbow tips

These below-listed tips are approved by an expert hunter who has hunted the different places with archery equipment. According to him, firstly, don’t be fooled about the fast-shooting crossbow. It will mean automatically more penetrated.

A disaster could be spelled in case of wrong bolt placement. You will have to be focused about the bolt or arrow replacement.

Tips are below listed

  • Pick your shoot
  • For a good shoot, consider the broadhead design, size, and weight
  • Use heavy and tough crossbow bolts
  • Practice on the multiple directions of your target place
  • Feel free to shoot twice, if necessary
  • Must look for a brighter nock amongst the tangle of debris

You will be helped a lot by reading this article for getting knowledge about the crossbows and the different types of their bolts. Furthermore, you will also get tips for enjoying an excellent hunting game.

This article is rightly set for you to have benefit in multiple directions regarding the topic of crossbow bolts.