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Ultimate Dog Tease: One Of The Best Viral Dog Videos Of All Time


There are so many videos of animals doing funny things that are going viral that it’s difficult to go on the internet without seeing a video featuring some adorable furry friend.

Well, one such video that has gone viral in no time is titled “Ultimate Dog Tease.” The video has reached 197,522,222 views since it was first posted in May 2011. It features a lovely German Shepherd enthusiastically participating in a voice-over conversation with his owner about various kinds of food.

While the owner describes the food, the dog shows different reactions and the emotions on his face are pretty evident. The way this adorable dog reacts to what his owner is telling him will definitely melt your heart.

The dog’s human-like reactions are so cute that no matter how many times you watch the video, it’ll never fail to put a smile on your face.

Scroll down to check the popular video and make sure you watch it till the end because that’s when the main twist in the plot occurs.