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Ultimate Guide To Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Let’s talk about laser hair removal. That dreamy goal of smooth skin every day, no awe about impromptu beach trips and no blushing denials of shaving in between appointments to your waxing technician. So, laser hair removal always seems to be one of the more misunderstood procedures. Will it work on blonde hair? Do I have to let the hair grow between appointments? With cutting edge equipment and technology in a boutique spa environment.                         

Missoula’s Aesthetics Medical Spa and Skin Care Center  is here to answer any of your questions. So here is some useful discussion to get you started on that road to the skin as smooth:

How Does It work?

When science can improve skin we get excited and it doesn’t get more exciting than a laser. In this connection, laser treatments can be a very effective solution. When it comes to hair removal, the laser passes over the skin and finds the pigment deep within the hair follicle called melanin. The laser heats the melanin and in turn, this damages the hair follicle.

Do You Have Light Hair?

Indeed, light-skinned, dark-haired people respond more successfully to laser hair elimination, however, that’s not to state that others will not see results. Aesthetic Medical Spa and Skin Care Center recommends an examination to extensively examine your alternatives as well as generate a therapy strategy that’s specific to you. They are experienced in dealing with people for hair removal with both reasonable and also dark complexion. It depends on our competent medical professionals to choose the best innovation for your skin type.

Contrary to other types of hair removal, the areas of the body with the thickest, coarsest hair respond the quickest and will usually require fewer treatments than areas with finer hair. This makes the bikini area, legs and underarms excellent candidates for laser hair removal and you can expect significant results within 6-8 treatments.

When Do You Need This?

You can have the treatment at any time, but we recommend not having a tan, so best to schedule your sessions before your beach vacation and not after. You should shave a day or so before each session so as not to leave singed hairs on the surface.

Does It Hurt?

It feels similar to a snap. Mind you, we can also prescribe a topical numbing area for sensitive areas and can use other patient comfort techniques to make the experience as painless as possible. But for every flick, think of the hundreds of waxing room ceilings you will never have to stare at ever again.