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Understanding 5 Crucial Reasons Why Wives Cheat In A Marriage


The emotions of love and commitment are very strong and depend on two people to carry them forward. But if even one of them tries to draw apart, the relationship shatters. Cheating on spouses is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why couples separate, these days. You can visit cheatingspouses.net for an accurate analysis of your cheating partner.

The probability of cheating is almost equal for both genders, but it is interesting to analyze why one cheats. Here are the five most crucial reasons that bend a wife to cheat in her marriage.

Low self-esteem

It is atrocious for a woman to feel less supported and neglected. With an unhappy job, extra responsibilities, degrading looks, toxic workplace, or low appreciation of efforts, women tend to develop low self-esteem.

When their partners are too busy to notice and acknowledge them, they turn to someone else, to feel special and spend some quality time. In search of a satiating smile and some moments of pleasure, women tend to deviate from their one-person ideal and end up cheating on their husbands. This can be a momentary need or a prolonged desire, depending upon the reception they get.

Prolonged unsatisfied sexual desires

The biggest reason why women start seeking for happiness at other places is her dire need to be sexually satisfied. Physical pleasure is an integral part of a successful married life.

Every woman has different sexual needs, and it is the responsibility of the husband to understand and deliver it. But if those desires are not satisfied, it is impossible for her to stay elated in the relationship. She is bound to move out and explore her form of eroticism with another man.

A sense of loneliness

Loneliness comes from various emotional and mental reasons. Primarily starting from the unavailability of the partner, lack of intimacy, and hectic work schedule can add on to this feeling of being lost.

If there is a menacing void in her life, a woman will start looking for ways to fill them up. To keep herself floating away from depression, it has been seen that women cheat. It is a form of a defense mechanism that some women adopt to forget her loneliness.

Very high expectations from her relationship

As mature adults, we all need to accept that one individual cannot provide us with all that we need. But some women have incredibly ideal expectations from their relationship, and they tend to get disappointed very quickly.

Women with such a utopian mindset demand incessant pampering from their partners. This can get pretty difficult on behalf of most men. In such a case, they lookout for a man or men who can fulfill all her expectations.

Desirous of power

Research reveals that many women dig power by taking complete control of a relationship. These women may be happily married and can love their family immensely, but they cheat for the desire of authority.

She wants the feeling of complete satisfaction after having sexual relations with someone else, just because she can. This excessive desire for exercising her powers makes women cheat, even in a happy relationship.