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Understanding why CBD and terpenes are more important than THC for many


For years now, marijuana users have focused on one thing: thc. true stoners have always pushed for higher tetrahydrocannabinol ratios in weed to attain an even great and more diversified mind-altering high. However, the push to increase the plant’s THC levels through careful cultivation means that many true pot advocates have overlooked other crucial components of cannabis such as cannabidiol and the wonderful terpenes of the plant. Let’s face the facts, there is a lot more to mj than THC.

The Cannabis sativa plant is amazing. Whether we are talking about specially cultivated optimum strains of marijuana that are worthy of winning Amsterdam’s Cannabis cup, lush fields of industrialized hemp or cbd dominate weed variations, all are an ingenious creation of mother nature that should be appreciated for more than THC.Avoid the THC and Go for the CBD

When you first walk into a dispensary in canada or america the first thing you start to look at is the top-shelf varieties that are THC-laden at truly mind-boggling ratios. glistening with resins, you start envisioning the possible high. Sure that’s all nice but maybe its time to explore the world of CBD and terpenes. You might start scoffing at the notion. Anyone who has spent any time using marijuana knows that CBD counters THC so if the strain is high in cannabidiol you are not going to enjoy much of a buzz. However, CBD is a healthy choice that you should honestly consider as a daily supplement.

CBD in Your medicine cabinet

Honestly, best cbd oil , vapes, tablets and lotions should be a part of your medicine cabinet just like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and old-school aspirin. You should also be taking it every day right alongside your multi-vitamin if you are into supplements.

Medical conditions treated by Cannabidiol

Here are just a few things that CBD helps:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • pain
  • inflammation
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • muscle spasms
  • nausea
  • Headaches
  • vomiting

Terpenes Also matter

A true cannabis connoisseur knows that THC is nice but its all about the whole-plant. The terpenes and flavonoids tantalize and smell amazing. Every strain is different and every one has its own telltale fragrance. Who hasn’t opened a bag of cannabis just to inhale the aroma? Think about sitting down to a five-star meal and not being able to smell the food. You probably won’t enjoy the dishes as much as you would if you could experience the mouth-watering fragrances. The same is true of the terpenes of cannabis.

The Emerald Cup is About Terpenes and CBD

Are you realizing that there is more to grass than simple THC? In fact, at California’s massive harvest fest, ‘The Emerald Cup’, there are hundreds of strains on display and vying for the prestigious blue ribbon. In 2018, there are 650 various types. However, each year, the most awarded and recognizes strains of cannabis do not contain high levels of THC. Instead, they are rich in amazing, titillating terps and high levels of beneficial CBD. A high THC winner has not taken the honor since 2010. nowadays to be considered primo cannabis and walk away with the mendocino County’s most coveted award the Emerald Cup, the plant must possess optimum CBD and an ensemble of diverse terpenes with flavonoids.

interestingly, in regions of the globe where marijuana has finally been legalized for recreational use, many users are bypassing the THC-products and instead of going straight for the CBD. They don’t want to feel stoned but they want to experience the physical benefits of the plant’s amazing cannabinoids. With CBD products they get the best of the plant to improve their lifestyle and their body’s function without any psychoactive ramifications according to studies.