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How To Use Your Empathy To Stop Absorbing Negative Energy And Start Healing It


Empathy is a gift, and a curse only by choice. Giving in to the negative emotions that are vibrating is not something we cannot fight as empaths. Our gift is one that enables us to become more powerful than you can imagine, and as such, it can be used to heal and transform the negative energy within and around us.

Empathy means sensing the energy that is vibrating from the people around you and recognizing it. It is a gift that allows the empath to truly know the meaning of that energy and truly see beneath its surface.

It is your choice as an empath whether you like to explore this energy by becoming engulfed in it or to overpower its frequency and transmute it into a vibration of light and positivity.

Many empaths simply feel weakened by staying too long in the negative vibrations, because they are usually more prevalent and most often stronger than the positive vibrations. And through this experience, they are forced to avoid crowds where (more often than not) there will be people who bring the stench of negativity.

However, the knowledge that empathy can bring power more than it can take your power away is the turning point for many empaths who are struggling to hide from people’s negativity.

Being more aware of the vibration of each emotion, as an empath, you can start cultivating and nurturing your own vibration until it becomes strong enough.

Being an empath, you will always be the one who senses the vibrations of others, but going out in the world with a shield of positivity and self-confidence will help you transmute those vibrations into positive ones and help the people around you heal.

Really, the strength of being an empath is that of being a healer. We are healers, and you should never forget that.

We have the power to transmute the vibrations because we have the power to sense them and recognize their nature. It’s true that it can often be very difficult to cope with the negativity, but that’s because we stop trusting our positivity when we encounter the negative.

Start believing more in yourself and know that your empathy comes from an innate state of goodness. Use this goodness inside you to become a beacon of positivity and make the low vibrations fall under the influence of your positive nature.

You should never think that the negative vibrations are stronger than you because the very fact you can sense them makes you more powerful than those who are not always aware that they are engulfed by them.

So, trust yourself more and when you recognize negativity, don’t be afraid of it. You have that innate strength that can help you transmute and heal the negativity that is leaving a stain on humanity.

You are a healer. You are an empath. Never forget that.


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