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Use These Dietary Tips to Help You Reduce Dia Recti


Have you recently had a child but hate the way your body looks? You’re among the millions of American women dealing with postpartum issues. One of the significant problems that most women face is the flabby tummy that is hard to get rid of. Doctors call it diastasis recti.

If you’re not new to childbearing, you have probably heard that an exercise program can help you reduce dia recti. This fitness program has helped a lot of new mothers in the US gain back their confidence. It engages women in customized workouts to help them deal with different issues. The program meets the needs of every mother, and it’s easy to follow.

Exercise is, however, not the only secret to eradicating diastasis recti. Proper nutrition can enable your body close to the diastasis recti gap. Therefore, you have to maintain a healthy diet for the sake of your body and mind. What you eat when you have such a condition can either heal you or make it difficult to recover. Proper nutrition supports your body’s repair process. If you want to get rid of that flabby tummy after pregnancy, start by making changes in your kitchen.

The dietary tips for diastasis recti

Healthy foods can help reduce the fat on your poofy stomach while at the same time, support the development of strong muscles. Poor nutrition, on the other hand, leads to more accumulation of fat around the belly, which can worsen your condition. It can also lead to less motivation during workouts.

  • Avoid inflammatory foods

For you to heal from this condition, remove any inflammatory foods from your kitchen. This includes things such as processed foods, caffeine, trans fats, alcohol, and sugar. One of the leading contributors to most illnesses in the US is chronic inflammation. This affects your immune system negatively and makes the healing process slow. Foods and beverages that contain a lot of sugar, such as sweets, can lead to excess weight gain and increased cholesterol levels.

  • Consume essential fatty acids

As you get rid of such foods, you can replace them with some healthy alternatives such as essential fatty acids. These can give you the energy you need for your daily routine and also boost your immune system. Some of the healthy sources are oily fish, eggs, seeds, avocados, and nuts. Each food source has its specific benefits that you should be aware of. For instance, nuts reduce your appetite and prevent you from overeating.

  • Take vitamins and minerals

Ensure that your foods are rich in vitamins, such as A and C, as well as minerals like zinc. These are essential in the regeneration of collagen, which muscles require. You can get vitamins and minerals from foods such as carrots, kiwis, peppers, beans, and kales.

  • Consume fiber

Your body also needs enough fiber to boost the digestion process. One of the symptoms that many women with diastasis recti face is constipation. You can reduce this by taking whole grains rich in fiber such as lentils, beans, broccoli, and berries.


A combination of proper diet and workouts can help you get rid of dia recti for good and enjoy a flat tummy. Do not also forget to take water since it helps in boosting connective tissue healing.