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Vaping: The Rise of a Juggernaut

Vaping The Rise of a Juggernaut

Vaping, you see people blowing these crazy clouds of vapor – not to be confused with smoke – with some people getting so good at it that they actually enter competitions to see who can blow “fatter” clouds.

These unique devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some offering bigger clouds, or a better draw, and others featuring the ability to keep drawing when the device is charging. In recent years, newer companies have improved the technologies behind vaping to extend battery life, improve draw and increase user satisfaction.

Vaping works by using e-liquid, which can contain nicotine or just flavor and sometimes even CBD, and commonly uses a device called an atomizer to heat the liquid in a chamber, causing it to heat up just enough to vaporize the liquid. As the vapor is created, the user is drawing it into their mouth (and sometimes into their lungs) to pull a “hit.”

E-liquid is what powers these puffy draws, and is comprised of propylene glycol or alternatives, flavoring and sometimes nicotine. Because vaping devices don’t contain the thousands of chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do, and also because they don’t emit the same carcinogens, they are commonly considered to be safer than smoking.

Vaping is Safer Than Smoking

One of the most common reasons why people start vaping is to kick a harmful tobacco habit. But just how much safer is vaping than smoking? According to the British Journal of Family Medicine, “vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.”

For avid smokers, this is great news. Because many vaping liquids contain varying concentrations of nicotine, and because they deliver a similar experience in the vapor to smoking, they offer a viable alternative for the habitual smoker that’s safer, cleaner, less toxic and free from actual smoke.

Popularity of Vaping

Over the past ten years, ever since e-cigs first hit the market and evolved into the popular vaping devices of the present day, this industry has surged forward. Back in 2014, it was estimated that about 7 million people worldwide were using e-cigs. As the devices became more enhanced and as this technology evolved, this number grew to more than 42 million by 2018.

Today, over 50 million people vape daily, with experts estimating that more than 60 million people will be vaping by 2025. This many people using these products has contributed to the rise of juggernaut. As of 2019, the industry had generated more than $12 billion in annual sales. But as of the present day, it’s eclipsing $15 billion per year and growing.

With a variety of vaping devices, coils and e-liquids available for purchase, vaping is more accessible than smoking and less expensive, too. Starter kits currently go for $50 and up, with monthly usage costing less than $100. This number, of course, swells as you upgrade kits to the pro stacks, which can see users dropping hundreds for a nice setup.

Look around next time you’re out and about, you’re likely to see a few people who are happily blowing clouds. Just be glad they’re not smoking thanks to technology.