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Vintage UNDONE Watches: 5 Unique Designs for Collectors


The vintage watches that are created by UNDONE in their latest collection go out on a limb to provide iconic vintage designs at an affordable and reasonable price; they intend to keep the price low while not compromising its Unique Selling Point (customization).

While UNDONE’s Aqua collection uses an AR-coated sapphire crystal, the vintage line includes hardened crystal that forms a dome over the watch. In order to have an affordable price tag, the vintage line had to eliminate the sapphire crystals. Sapphire crystal domes are great at being scratch resistant. However, K1 crystal domes also do an excellent job of protecting the watch from any nicks and scratches. The crystal dome makes for a good vintage appearance as well.

The mecha-quartz movements allow you to indulge the best of both worlds, that is, the accuracy of the quartz movements and the sweeping movements of the second hand, which is a unique characteristic of the mechanical chronograph; the efficiency of the quartz movement doesn’t need constant winding and is perfect for a busy lifestyle.

UNDONE’s vintage watches have a Seiko VK16 movement, you get the normal hacking movement of the second hand, and you can instantly reset the chronograph by pressing the bottom pusher. The second hand can be set immediately without pausing.

When you customize your vintage watch, you get to choose from a variety of options; some of the choices include calf, Cordura, perlon, rally, and alligator printed leather. You can select from any of the alternatives mentioned; each one brings the vintage aesthetic to life and has a unique characteristic on its own. The strap is handmade and will look great on your wrist. It rests comfortably without being cumbersome; the strap has a distressed vibe that really adds to the vintage look.

The straps also come with quick release spring bars, and this is very convenient because you can change the belts quickly without the help of any tools. The quality of the straps and other components of the watch are of the highest caliber, and you can tell it’s good (as a customer) because UNDONE puts in the effort to ensure that the vintage aesthetic extends to the rest of the watch, and does not stop at the strap itself.


Even though the vintage watches in UNDONE’s collection allow for customizations and you’re “designing” the watch based on your needs, it helps to know the process you have to follow when creating your watch.

The vintage series took inspiration from the four famous watches in watchmaking history. The Breitling Navitimer, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Dato Compax, and the Omega Speedmaster. If you want to customize the vintage watch, the “Killy” is a popular choice, and you can pick a gold strap; this really accentuates the vintage look. You can select red for the hands, it serves as a good contrast to the gold strap, and you can choose a yellow gold dial and case color as well.

UNDONE also allows its customers to personalize the text of their choice on the dial, and you can choose a quote that represents your beliefs, passion, and feelings. The vintage watches have a clean aesthetic. They are balanced and symmetrical in design while paying tribute to great watches of the past, like Rolex Dato Compax. The collection pays close attention to detail. It tries to stay as historically accurate as possible; thereby, resulting in watches that have an iconic design without seeming repetitive.

While keeping the vintage theme in mind, the two pushers that are located on the side of the UNDONE watch will remind you of watches from the 1950s, including the neatly designed crown. The contrasting finish of the pusher on the case side is quite impressive as well. The middle strip where the pusher is located is brush-finished, and the stepped bezel is polished.

When it comes to the case back of the vintage watches, you’re provided with two choices- open or closed. You can choose the option you desire with the image and text of your choice.


The look of the vintage watches in itself is so alluring that being able to customize the watch is a cherry on top of a fantastic cake. You should note that the customization may come with extra charges. With the vintage collection, UNDONE has managed to blend easy styling and perfect personalization with reasonable prices. There may be a distinct Rolex flavor with these watches, but that’s just the inspiration and tribute of the classic watches. The collection has managed to take inspiration from the classics and still manages to give it their little spin, making the collection unique and their own.