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Virtual And Reality – Why Leave Her Out? 


Everyone appreciates their special “alone time” and sometimes it’s just what’s needed. When you’ve been working too hard for too long and then find yourself realising that there isn’t anyone around,  the kids won’t be back for hours, and your boss is on vacation, you can be forgiven for putting the rest of the world on hold for a brief moment to experience more of yourself, and when you do there is nothing like VR Porn to get you there. But, putting those rare moments aside, who says your “down-time” has to be a solo act? 

Couples watching porn together is hardly a new concept, but introducing VR Porn into your sex life is a fresh new kink that can really take your relationship to new heights. We all know that when you’re almost there, head tilted back and your eyes are either closed or rolling to the back of your skull, you could be with anyone that takes your imaginations fancy, so why not take it a step further and bring your imagination to life with your eyes open and enjoy VR Porn with your partner? 

Oooow, tell me more… 

Well, it’s quite simple, you can be experiencing the sensations provided by your real life partner, but your head-set turns whoever you’re looking at into, well, whoever you choose on screen. So, if you fancy receiving a blowy from your favourite pornstar and your lover doesn’t mind you looking like Robocop for the duration, then what are you waiting for? Just be sure not to insist on it too often because that may well backfire and leave you playing solo until you find a new partner. 

For the first time in human history there is a device that can save marriages and should be prescribed by marriage counsellors, relationship coaches and every type of love guru out there because you can spice up your sex life and introduce every taboo into your bedroom without causing a frenzy of metal break-downs inspired by sexual jealousy, insecurities or just making the love of your life thinking that you’re beyond the help of god with your sinful desires. 

Let’s take a brief moment to really appreciate the fact that we live in 2021 and not the very dark ages of, say 2012, which by today’s standard  is as good as living in 1812. You want a threesome with your partner and the pornstar of your dreams? No problem. You fancy a blowy from the baby sitter, while your wife looks on and plays with herself – any time. You like the idea of turning your wife into a masculine dude with bulging biceps? She will never know. 

Whatever puts steam into your engine can be played out with a virtual reality headset, so there is no need to seek out these experiences anywhere else and your wife can save a lot of money on expensive costumes, so what more can you ask for? 

Now, we have to warn you, VR Porn is not for the faint hearted. It is as good as being at the crime scene without actually being there. You may find yourself spending more time in your new found world of horny frolics than you care to admit, so make sure you lube up well to avoid any nasty burns. Also, keep your VR headset out of sight during your zoom calls with colleagues – they may not say anything, but they will know what you’ve been up to and you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ in the office. If asked, just remodel Tyler Durton’s first and second rule in fight club and say: you don’t talk about VR club. For once, speculation has nothing on, well, in this case, virtual reality. Either way, if they ask more than once, they are probably as sordid as you are, so you may as well refer them to your favourite site and take a piece of the good old American pie. 

Unfortunately, VR Porn hasn’t really developed for the female viewer, so it’s not an experience your wife or girlfriend can get into for her own benefit, but that’s ok. Women tend to favour intimacy over sinful desire, so as long as you massage her feet every now and again, run her a hot bath and don’t forget to give her the fuck of her life once in a while, you can have a guilt free hobby and live with peace of mind that she isn’t tuned into a virtual reality experience with a guy that’s a few inches bigger than you are.