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Wall mount stainless steel shelves


Stainless steel wall shelves can be of very different shapes, sizes, purposes and designs. They can be installed on tables, sinks or mounted on the wall, and have one or more tiers. Their main purpose — to expand the usable area of ​​space. The most common model for catering establishments of various types is wall mounted metal shelving. They are made of a special type of metal and do not pose any threat to both inventory and the health of visitors or staff.

The  wall mounted metal shelving is based on the highest quality stainless steel. Such steel is reliable and durable, which ensures a long service life. Each metal object is designed in such a way that the kitchen can accommodate as much of the necessary equipment as possible and save space for those working on it. All utensils will be located in the immediate vicinity of the workplace.

Such stainless steel wall shelves belong to neutral equipment, which is used by all modern cafes, restaurants, canteens and food industries, without exception. With the help of

wall mount shelving, they equip not only kitchens and workshops, but also numerous auxiliary rooms. After all, gastronorm containers, dishes, kitchen utensils and food in public catering must be stored in accordance with strict sanitary and hygienic standards.

Purpose of stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen

Stainless steel wall shelves for the kitchen are an excellent purchase that will decorate any catering kitchen —  be it a dining room, cafe, or restaurant.There are such types of shelves —  closed, open, semi-open, single-tier, two-tier, three-tier, solid, perforated, swing and compartment type. It will be convenient to store various types of things on our wall shelves —  spices, plates, lids, pans and other kitchen utensils.

Shelving stainless steel can be universal, or they can be specialized, for example, for drying plates. These designs have narrow bays ideal for placing cymbals. Universal designs are used to store various dishes, lids, cutting boards and utensils. The  wall mounted metal shelving is fully compliant. Dirt is easily washed off from them, and moisture evaporates quickly. Also, stainless steel is good in that:

  • resistant to corrosion;
  • not afraid of high humidity, aggressive chemicals and hot air;
  • does not react with food, therefore it is absolutely safe for the kitchen;
  • has high strength.

In addition, wall shelves from stainless steel can be open and closed, solid and perforated. Solid ones are suitable for arranging dishes, gastronorm containers, containers with bulk products and spices. Perforated or trellised ones often have a pallet and are used not only for storage, but also for drying utensils. Wall shelves from stainless steel will help you to conveniently place dishes, gastronorm containers and equipment. The shelves will not take up much space, and their contents will always be in sight.

Buying a wall shelf means saving yourself a lot of hassle, increasing the comfort and functionality of the kitchen, as well as simply enjoying living in pleasant conditions. Optimal dimensions are another important thing to consider when choosing. Since incorrectly calculated dimensions can turn convenience into discomfort, and compactness into overload.